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Globally Reset Self Switches

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Hello, is there a way to globally reset a self-switch for all events?

Scenario: I would have numerous versions of the typical chest event which is permanently deactivated by use of a Self-Switch (Let's say C). I would like a feature in my game to be able to turn off Self-Switch C for ALL events (across all maps) in one call. 


I have come across Kadokawa's OuterSelfSwitch, but it only affects events on the map it is being called.
I have also come across this piece of coding from Hime: 


class Game_SelfSwitches
def bulk_set(letter, state)
switches = @data.keys.select {|data| p data; data[2] == letter }
switches.each {|key| self[key] = state }

class Game_Interpreter
def bulk_self_switch(letter, state)
$game_self_switches.bulk_set(letter, state)


Script call: bulk_self_switch("A", false)

(Source: http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/30665-resetting-self-switches-a-only/)

However, that is for VX Ace. Is there an MV equivalent to the above coding or another alternative to globally resetting a particular self switch? 

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Game_SelfSwitches.prototype.bulk_set = function(letter, state){
for(var key in this._data) {
if(key[key.length-1] == letter) {
this._data[key] = state;
console.log('setting ' + key + ' to ' + state);

Game_Interpreter.prototype.bulk_self_switch = function (letter, state) {
$gameSelfSwitches.bulk_set(letter, state);

this.bulk_self_switch("A", false)
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