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contest The Timed Challenge

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The Timed Challenge


​​The Goal of My Challenges:

To give new and long time devs a short project to stretch their creative muscles on.  I want you to actually FINISH a game and have it in your portfolio. 


The Theme of the Timed Challenge:

Firstly: the game has to FINISH within 30 minutes.  It can end earlier, but a Victory/Failure condition must occur at the 30 minute mark.  Secondly: The game must feature some kind of timer - up to you what that means.


The Rules:

  • ​You can use the built in timer in MV, or modify it anyway you want.  YOU CANNOT use someone else's timer plugin or event. Anything to do with the timer, must be done by you through eventing or coding.
  • ​Must be a new project started and finished within the time scope of the project.
  • Number of devs on 1 project is limited to 1.  Not to say you can't get advice/critques from other people before turn in day.)
  • All resources, plugins etc used in the project must respect terms of use, but you may use anything you can pull together. 
  • ​I'll be posting this contest in number of locales; however, I will manage the contest from a discord server.  https://discord.gg/rZPyy4y

​The Timing:

  • ​​February 17th, contest first posted;  Updates and changes to the parameters expected until contest start date.
  • ​March 5th, 12AM GMT: Contest starts.
  • ​March ,18th 1145PM GMT: Contest Ends.  All games must be linked and shared on this thread by this time.
  • ​March 23, Judging will finalized and results posted here. 

​The Judging:

​​I'll be judging. Obviously it will mostly be my personal subjectivity - but I'll try to keep it as objective as possible.  I will play the game for up to 30 minutes, or until a game crashing bug.  There will be a total of 50 points. 

  • ​Use of Timer (15 points) - creativity, design, completion
  • ​Thematic elements (10 points) - ​How unique was your vision?, How cohesive were the game elements in relation to the theme of the game?
  • ​​Execution (10 points)​ - Bugs, spelling/grammar, game balance
  • ​Overall fun (15 points) - how driven was I to finish your game
  • ​Single tier bonus points (​up to 5 total) - Art, music, eventing, etc - did any of these one elements stand out and if so bonus points.  This can't take your score over 50.

The Prizes:

​I'd like to have more prizes; however am limited by own resources.  I have a couple of people who said they'd donate to the cause.  If you want to help out, PM me and let me know.  Officially, the winners and prizes will be rewarded as follows. 
​There will be 4 winners total; Only one unique winner per category. 
  • ​All top prizes will be shown on my stream separate from my judging.  (​Don't get too excited, my stream has a pretty low audience.)
  • Overall (wins $20.00 worth of RPG Maker resources of their choice) - ​Grand Prize winner with the highest objective score
  • ​Honorable Runner up ($10.00 worth of RPG Maker resources of their choice) - ​ Second place winner with the second highest score
  • ​Best Story - (Choose one of the following game keys) goes to the most moving or creative story.
  • Best Art -​ (Choose one of the following game keys) the standout for non-map art of the game, (battlers, character design, icons, etc)

​Can I enter after the start time?
Absolutely!  As long as you start and finish your game within the parameters, your entry will be allowed.  Please leave a comment here so we have an idea how big this has gotten!  More exciting that way!


Do we have to make a game within 30 minutes?
​--The length of the game should be capped at 30 minutes. The game can have a victory condition or failure condition that is less than 30 minutes if you like, but the game itself should last no more than 30 minutes as per the rules.
--The time it takes you to dev it merely has to be within the two weeks.  You can take 1 hour, 10 minutes, 2 weeks.  Put as much love and work into that 30 minute game as you want.

Does the game have to contain a timer? Is the timer the main theme?
​-- Yes. How prominent the timer is in your game is up to you. Where its located - also up to you. BUT the game must feature a timer.  AND 15 points of the judging will be based on your use of the timer.

​Can I use other people's resources?
​-- As long as they are free to use and ARE NOT timer related.

​Is this a commercial project?
-- umm...?  I don't think so?  Does contest = commercial?  If you plan on selling your entry or using it as part of a commercial project I guess it would, but otherwise I think you're ok on terms of use for non-commercial resources.  Don't know exactly. Maybe someone else can clarify for us.

​This contest brought to you buy Fusegu Productions and Gamers Incoming - if the mods will allow it here are the links.

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I'm not 100% sure what this challenge is. What do you mean by "timed"?

- Do we have to make a game within 30 minutes?

- Does the game have to contain a timer? Is the timer the main theme?

- Does the game have to only be 30 minutes long?

- You say a timer must be built by us and not someone else - so we can use other peoples resources as long as there not timers?


Is any version of RPGM allowed? What about other platforms such as GameMaker?


Another issue that pops up alot is you need to specify this is a commercial project. Some plugins and tiles (if we're allowed to use others resources) are non-commercial, so specifying this helps alot of entrants understand what they can and cannot use.

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I've updated the thread to reflect changes and answer the questions as much as possible.  The Contest starts this weekend (March 5th). 


You'll need this link to participate as the most major change is I'm moving hosting to a Discord Server, as its more global and doesn't lock me in at just RMC, as much as I love the people here.



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No worries.


To also clarify, contests are considered commercial. The winner get's a payment (since the user is using the resources to receive a prize, earning themselves a free purchase essentially) to all contests are commercial if they contain prizes.

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So... I am not sure this is even still happening, but I am going to submit here anyways.

It was a whirlwind 2 weeks for me, but I think I got most of the bugs worked out.


Without further ado:

Here is my entry titled "Love Land"


Download w/ RTP: https://www.mediafire.com/?kvp9na1sbryu79w

Download w/o RTP: https://www.mediafire.com/?yo5wy67uhu45xrt



A cutesy mini game centric game following a young couple on a first date at the theme park Love Land.



- All maps are parallax

- No scripting was involved (except minor convenience snippets within events)


Possible updates if people like the project:

- Endless mode

- More side story moments with guests at Love Land

- More unique dialogue between characters.

- Unique/Different music for each mini game



I hope you guys enjoy!!

~ Dinhbat3


**Edit: Added download w/ RTP included**

Edited by dinhbat3

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Well that is a shame, but it happens.


It was a fun time doing a quick project. I ended up making a thread on it here. So feel free to leave any comments or reviews there too =D

Thanks again for coordinating. Hopefully you got some good entries, I was sad when I didn't see any others on here.

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Thanks for the quick play through.

Sorry for the game breaking!


After watching your play through I was able to correct those issues though. So that is VERY much appreciated.

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