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Greetings! BluMiu here and recently returning oldie member. Around this time I typically start up commissions on wider scale for a bit outside my DA account.
I did some collaborative work as part of the Pantheon, which I'm not sure is still active at this time before my abrupt departure, among other things.


I range from anime to semi-realism, so neither is a problem if looking for something specific. Fantasy is the genre I delve into personally, but again, have worked

outside of this and tampered on my own. Versatile and open to new things art, so you'd be helping me on my lifelong journey and professionally, so doubly


Commission wise, I'll be showing recent examples and project for Steam. I'll update as key areas RPG Maker needs within my skill set, character design and

concepts (humanoid and creatures), but others as time goes on. You can check out my gallery thread on the Art and Literature section of the forum or go to my
DA account, http://obsidiantrance.deviantart.com/ where a basic commission list can be found as well. Contact me there or by email at blumiu7@gmail.com.

I'm pretty quick with replying and only time unavailable truly would be Saturdays until sundown.




26d5758a88463456b8ca9e56863df378-d9l1wd9   cachusa_arcturus_gavrielle_by_obsidiantryoung_jing_by_obsidiantrance-dabztnc.png


Character Concepts






















RPG Maker specific




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