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Battle Weather Effecting Skills

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Hey guys.


my game will have alot of different regions, such as snow, marsh, saharah and foresty areas.

My discussion is about how to implement weather in a battle system such as;

If the weather is "rain" and an opponent is hit with lightning, it deals more damage, and if you use fire, it's weaker. 

Maybe even having a "thunderstorm" weather that can occassionally hit either enemy or ally, just to add a bit more threat to battles later.


I have a few ideas about how to do this, but it feels messy and I feel it could be done better so I want to know what you guys think :)


Any idea how to put in a system like this?

I have Yanfly's Troop Events active.

I also want to set up a weather system using variables (since I can use variables with skills, ect.)

0 = clear

1 = rain

2 = snow



I just don't know how to implement it into skills do the damage varies.

I suppose a passive state might help, like "soaked" decreases thunder defence but now sure how to apply this to every battler in battle when a certain variable is active.


Any ideas?

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The weather system should be simple enough. There were a bunch of Ace scripts so I'd be really surprised if there wren't any for MV. You may need a plug in for some skill effects, depending on what you're trying to do. Altering damage can be done right in the damage formula. I'm half awake and not at home so the syntax evades me right now, but it's essentially:


If variable001 = 1 (rain) bonus damage formula else normal damage formula


Shiggy actually showed my something cool in Ace, but I'm not sure if it's work in MV. I'd have to see what the line of code is, but you put it into the damage formula, and it allows you to use the notes section to write the damage formula. That gives you a ton more space to work in and you can do some pretty cool things. Obviously, you have to be good a scripting to take full advantage, but I've managed to create some cool skills that I normally couldn't. 


The concept is pretty cool. The Pokemon games do some fun things with weather. it adds an extra layer or strategy to the game, and I'm all about that.I just hope your battles are tougher tuna in Pokemon  ;)

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Hehe, my ability to maake custom battle formula's is very simplistic. I understand you can use formula's in the skill formula, but not sure how to properly add an IF branch into it. Atleast when I do it, it fails anyway.

Skill variables is why I set the weather identification to variables instead of switches since I know how to incorporate them :P


The more I think on this (having a status ailment be added in snow weather, adding extra damage during rain weather), I feel this may be a bit convoluted to be simply evented :/

Dangit! Gonna mess with it more after work (I should be getting dressed right now, but I really don't wanna go to work today haha. It's supposed to be my day off! *whine*)


I suppose if the worst comes to worst, I'll add a mod to move this to plugin requests. Considering some scripters have been quiet lately, I fear this will be over looked xD


By chance lone, do you know how to put an if branch into a skill formula? (I think you still use ACE, so not sure if you know MV javascript stuff xD hehe worth a shot~)

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Lol I can barely make formulas in Ace w/out my laptop exploding. I've never even touched Java Script so I'm the wrong person to ask. I'm just hoping I put enough information out there that someone will be able to piggyback off it and find a solution for you. 

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I know it's old but this page was suggested to me by the forum.

So MV works as Vx ace when it comes to damage formulas.

It reads what you have written as if it was a line of code.

So you can put conditions in your MV formula but you need to write them in Javascript not Ruby


Let's take Ionequeso example:


If variable001 = 1 (rain) bonus damage formula else normal damage formula


 is written in Javascript like this


if (v[1] == 1) {  bonus damage formula } else { normal damage formula}

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Ooh, thanks Shiggy. That solves the basics of the system. I was unaware of how to use else and if in a formula since it's all one line.

I appreciate the reply back, as I really wish to add this system in future (when weather becomes a more serious element).

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