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Question: Looking for a script for combat?

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Not totally sure this is meant to go here, or in the other script forum for Ace, so sorry if it's in the wrong place.


That aside, I wanted to ask if there's scripts for changing the battle system to include projectile attacks in a real-time combat. More expressly, the kind of stuff you see in Megaman or non-3d Legend of Zelda games. I'm fairly sure there is, but after looking through the master list I couldn't find one. Did find a headache though. 


I'm basically looking for a script to create enemies that fire off projectiles, that when they collide with something that has HP [Player, NPCs], it deals damage to them. I imagine someone's made such a thing, but in the very off chance someone hasn't, would it be difficult to do such a thing given the code? 

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The last part can actually be done just via eventing. As for projectiles, you'd need a script to do it properly. There was one Event Spawner I had tinkered with once: http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/4571-event-spawner/ It's the only one I've seen that works well for what you're wanting. 


I should warn you, I had to scrap the projectile shooting traps I wanted to use because the script caused a ton of lag. Even with an anti-lag script, even a small number of projectiles can really bog the game down. I'd recommend making sure there only a few events that fire projectiles on a given map, and have enough of a delay between firing that the projectiles can "die" before another shoots from the same event. 


Definitely use a good anti-lag script. Play around adn see how many on screen projectiles you can have onscreen at once before it lags. Hopefully, it will be a sufficient number. If not, maybe look into MV. I'm not sure if any plug ins like this exist in MV yet, but if there is it might yield better results. 

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I imagined stuff like that could be done with scripting, but wasn't totally sure. 


But, projectiles from this were creating lag? What kind, and why? I've seen games from other RPG makers use projectiles in their games, but never had much problem. Is it a processing problem? 

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