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ErieGrass' anime pixelart shop

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ErieGrass' anime pixelart shop


Ahh... Hi there, thank you for visiting my shop, although it's my first time setting a shop here so I bet you don't know me yet.

So moving on since you come here to take a look at my shop and not hear my story. :D




*Objects, Materials, Weapons and etc.*


Static: $7 - $20

Animated: $10 - $25

(Note: Prices may change due to it's complexity.)




*Sprites or Spritesheets*


Static: $8 - $18

Spritesheet: $15 - $30

Animated: $17+

(Note: Prices may change due to it's complexity and tone applied based below.)


Normal:    1_by_eriegrass-db389e0.png




More samples:



lear_walking_by_eriegrass-db3873d.gif  uriel_walking_by_eriegrass-db387kn.gif  harumi_walking_by_eriegrass-db387qt.gif  abel_walking_by_eriegrass-db387yn.gif





I can do other pixelart style for you if you want, here's another sample below of what I can do:


Zenonia sprite style


(Note: Prices may change due to it's complexity and tone applied.)




If you want your character to have a pixelart portrait, then here's a sample that I have some kicks too... :D


*Pixelart Portrait*


Chibi: $20+

Normal: $50+

(Note: Once again, prices may change due to it's complexity and tone applied.)



Here's a video of me doing this sprite:harumi_walking_by_eriegrass-db387qt.gif


(More Samples will be uploaded here:)


Important note: You can't use any resources or images that I showed above since they're my work samples and some of them are exclusive and has copyright.


Visit my deviantart or my website for more samples:




For more information or questions, just pm me through my email: ereigrass@gmail.com

Or through my:



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