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Due to recent changes, you're now able to upload your own background, that will be displayed in your profile page.

It looks like this (look at the sky background):





Now here are some tips and general information about that feature to help you customize your profile efficiently.


Profile Background

A pretty background image of your profile page. It either can be a full image, such as photo or a tile (pattern).

>>> Full Image
A single image, that is drawn in the upper-left corner with the background color beyond the image's borders.



  • The image preferably should have the size of 1920x1080 as it's the highest common resolution.
  • If the image will have smaller dimensions, than the resolution, it will not cover the whole page, thus may look bad like in the image above.


  • Using images with transparent background, such as vectors can work well with the background color, which may prevent from getting a bad result.
  • It's best to put most of the details on the left side, because users with lower resolutions may not see the right side of the image, due to being out of view.


  • TV's can have even higher resolution, than monitors usually have, so there is still that possibility, that some members will see the image not covering the whole page. However, using higher resolution than 1920x1080 is rather rare and most of the games and some software weren't designed to handle such resolutions anyway, so it's better to focus on monitor-users.
  • When using images covering the whole screen, the background color may be still visible for a short time before the image will load.
  • When the image will be 1920x1080, then sometimes you will not even see the very bottom part of the image, because some vertical space may be taken by Windows task bar and the browser's interface. Enabling fullscreen mode in the browser will reveal the whole image.

>>> Tiles
An image (pattern), that covers the whole page. The image is not stretched, but multiplied.



  • The image should be nicely stacking (think of textures or bricks, for a more specific example), otherwise, it will look just bad.
  • The image can be any size. A tiny one will work as well as bigger ones as long as their borders will be matching.


  • none at the moment.


  • Tiles will look good in any resolution, for any user, as the image will be just multiplied.
  • The background color is pretty much irrelevant when using tiles, unless they have transparency, though tiles usually don't have any transparent parts.

Hope that helps!

Remember, that the Forum Rules apply to background images as well. Abusing this feature will be awarded just like anywhere else once spotted or reported by other members. Don't make us sad. :)

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Yeah, its a bit of a weird story. Basically, it was meant to be disabled but it wasn't for some members. When that was noticed it was fixed. And then Riki suggested that maybe everyone should just have access to it anyways.


So short story shorter: Yay Riki.

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