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hey i just came back to rpg maker vx ace and i was wondering is there a way to increase the size of the script box?


btw im talking about the event commands > 3 > advanched > script

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If the script you're trying to write is too many lines to fit in the box you're given I think the best approach is to turn your script into function using the script editor.  You can then call this function from event commands > 3 > advanced > script.  That's the quickest workaround I can think of.

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I don't think it can be resized. That's how the editor was programmed, so it can't be modified even through scripts. (legally, that is)


Another way would be trying to organize the script call. From what I've noticed, there's a line limit, just based on the space. So having short lines like 'end' will waste that space.


For example, you could shrink the code a little by doing things like this:

# When used in battle, this script call will instantly kill all enemies.

$game_troop.members.each do |e|; e.hp -= 99999999999; e.perform_collapse_effect; end

which is the same as:

$game_troop.members.each do |e|
  e.hp -= 99999999999

...So instead of having 4 lines, the code in example fits perfectly in a single line. That's at least what I did in my console script, because I had to perform actions (script calls) using only one line, which is even less than in the editor. - And I can't complain, everything was working fine.

Though if your script call is really huge, then it may be not enough. I think there are some workarounds as mentioned by @ECG Wolf, though personally I haven't toyed with that kind of stuff as I extremely rarely used database and map editors.

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