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The Sinclair Saga: Anastasiya

A game about a warrior woman on a mission to save the world.


Genre: Fantasy, Action, RPG




Mapping: 5%

Eventing: 5%

Story: 95%

Characters: 100%


I'm aiming to finish this game before November 20th of this year (2017), as it's a birthday present for my Mum. Expect a demo upon completion and the full game about three days to a week after the 20th of November.





Voice acting is all I really need help with. I can't pay you, since I'm utterly broke and the game will be free, but if you're interested, please PM me a sample of your voice acting and the name of the character(s) you wish to voice.


NOTE: Even if a character is voiced, feel free to tell me you want to voice them (even if I'm the voice!). I want this to be the best-quality product for my Mum. You might not get the part you sign up for, so don't be disappointed if you don't - instead, go for a few different characters instead of just one!


No joke auditions, please. This isn't Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or the first Resident Evil. (However, that being said, if you have any hilarious moments that I could use as bloopers, please send them! My Mum loves blooper reels! I'd love to be able to give her something utterly amazing. ^_^)


Characters I currently need voices for:


Anastasiya - A mid- to low-range female voice. She's very confident, but not boastful, so keep this is mind when auditioning for this part.


Cyran - A low-range male voice. He's confident, yet a little quiet. He's not boastful, but he's certainly evil. he knows it and loves it, so keep this in mind when auditioning for this part.


Odessa - A high- to mid-range female voice. She's shy, but brave. She keeps in mind that she is the Chosen Hero and wielder of Excalibur, but she's not overly thrilled about it, so keep this in mind when auditioning for this part.


Krynn - A mid- to high-range female voice. She's caring and outgoing. Her primary concern is helping others and it really shows in how she talks to people, so keep this in mind when auditioning for this part.


Althia - A mid- to high-range female voice. She speaks in quick, abrupt sentences and says as little as she can, due to a fear of being judged by others, so keep this in mind when auditioning for this part.


Niassassa - A mid-range female voice. She's confident, boastful and pugnacious. As a thief, she's often looking for something to steal, but she refuses to back down from a fight. If she loses, she'll congratulate the winner, but if she wins, she'll steal their stuff, so keep this in mind when auditioning for this part.


Michaelis - A low-range male voice. He's confident and brave, but shy. While somewhat boastful, he's not nearly as boastful as Nissassa. He'd much prefer to to just thieve, so keep this in mind when auditioning for this part.


Vylania - A mid- to low-range female voice. She's confident, mysterious and openly morally grey. As much as she'd love to see the fall of Cyran, she thrives in the moral ambiguity of his reign, so keep this in mind when auditioning for this part.


Bliant - A mid-range male voice. He's quirky, confident and easily excitable by all things magical. However, when it comes to non-magical things, he grows bored quite easily so keep this in mind when auditioning for this part.


Patty - A high-range female voice. She's confident, playful and mischievous. She's a 15-year-old wannabe thief, but she can hold her own in a fight, so keep this in mind when auditioning for this part.


Storyteller - A mid- to low-range voice. Not an actual character, but they introduce and close the story so keep this in mind when auditioning for this part.


Lilvia - A mid-range voice. She's a flirtatious succubus who craves souls so keep this in mind when auditioning for this part.



I'll include the (non-succubus) mini bosses at a later time. (Probably tomorrow.)


A NOTE ON VOICE REFERENCES: I don't expect people to sound exactly like the voice reference. Far from it. They're just there to lead people in the right direction. They might not match what I've put at the character's personality, but it's just the voice that I want you to hear. It's just the voice that best fits the character. However, if somebody decides to try for Michaelis, I don't except to actually hear Soul Evans. If somebody decides to try for Nissassa, I don't expect to actually hear Mikasa Ackerman. It's just that - a reference - a guide for you to know generically what I'm looking for, voice-wise.






The Sinclair Saga: Anastasiya is about a warrior woman in a bloodline of warriors, by the name of Anastasiya Sinclair who is on a mission to defeat the evil Lord Cyran Blood the Vampiric before he unleashes eternal darkness upon human kind. Many brave warriors have tried and failed to defeat him.






The Forest - Within the dense forest surrounding the castle are several resources you can find, as well as your camp and Krynn's house. The forest is a direct contrast to the castle, as it's far more lighthearted and happier. However, travellers beware - the forest has dangers of its own. Once darkness falls, monsters come out to play. (Darkness will fall after a certain point in the game. Once it does, it won't be lifted until the end of the game.)


Krynn's House - Krynn's house is the safest place to go, aside from the various rooms of Althia and Bliant. However, it has two key differences from their rooms - you can buy items and it's outside of the castle. However, getting back and forth is simple. Each of Althia and Bliant's rooms have a code. Using this code at any bowl of Enchanted Water provides a link from Krynn's house, back to the room you want to return to. Enchanted Water within the rooms, however, only provides a way back to Krynn's house.


Castle Krovaka - Castle Krovaka is where the majority of the game takes place. Within the castle lie the armies of Darkness, Decay, Death and Destruction, the Elemental Guardians and Cyran, himself, among other residents who are there for various reasons.





Anastasia Sinclair




A warrior woman of 28 years who has been in training since she could realistically be trained. She's somewhat experienced in battle, but has never taken a life. After the disappearance of Odessa and her party, she was sent out to defeat Cyran and take Odessa's place as the Chosen Hero.


Voiced By: 



Krynn McCree




Krynn is a lowly shopkeeper and healer of 23 years, whose only desire is to help those in need. Living in the only house in the woods with her three adopted catgirls and pet cat, she helps all those who pass by. Recently, she's only helped adventurers who sought to defeat Cyran.


Voiced By:



Althia Clarke




Althia is a magical healer of 25 years whose quick wit and knowledge of healing magic have saved not only other people, but herself. She wishes to keep her past a secret and is rather scared of being judged harshly, so she doesn't talk often, but when she does, it's in quick and abrupt. No-one knows why she is in Castle Krovaka or why she so harshly dislikes Cyran, but she makes it obvious she wishes to help out any adventurer who seeks to end his reign.


Voiced By:



Odessa Sinclair




Odessa is a young and inexperienced warrior woman of 20 years. When selected at the Chosen Hero to defeat Cyran, she was understandably afraid. However, she bravely wielded Excalibur to Cyran's castle, never to return from its shadowy depths, thus sealing her fate with the many lost warriors who fought to end his reign.


Voiced By:



Nissassa Bishop




Nissassa is a professional thief of 19 years and the daughter of an assassin who sought to take down Cyran and failed. She has dwelled within the walls of Castle Krovaka ever since, honing her skills and becoming nearly unmatched in speed and stealth. She's not one to turn down a fight or, for that matter, miss the chance to start one. However, as an ally, she is powerful and lets nothing stand in her way.


Voiced By:



Michaelis Clacher




Michaelis is a thief and warrior of 19 years and an orphaned boy. While he can hit hard, move fast and steal your stuff before you have the chance to notice, he has a noticeable soft spot, especially for felines. He acts as Nissassa's partner in crime, engaging in battles with her and following her every move, but he's completely in it for the fun - no - the thrill of the steal. While he wants Cyran gone as much as anyone, his primary concern his getting his fill of enjoyment in a deadly game of "steal to survive".


Voiced By:



Vylania Stocker




Vylania is an immortal witch whose beauty is said to surpass time itself. She can, however, be summed up in two words - "morally grey". Everything she does is to further her own personal agenda, whether that be helping out warriors with her courage- and strength-inducing concoctions or summoning a succubus to see how well they fair. She's a woman of mystery and cunning with more secrets than stars in the sky.


Voiced By:



Bliant Ackerman




Bliant is a healer and magical scientist of 30 years. The study of magic - the deconstruction of its power - is what fuels him. As long as there is magic to study, as long as there are spells to deconstruct, he is happy, so he does just that. While he heals in his spare time, he generally works better as a supplier of magical weaponry and armour, as he always has it on hand.


Voiced By:



Patricia "Patty" Beck




Patty is a tomboyish wannabe thief of 15 years. Growing up on the streets is hard. It makes you tough and a lot stronger than one might think - all of these things apply to Patty. She's rough and tumble, she's capable of holding her own, she's full of confidence and life and she's utterly adorable - but don't tell her that. She's 5'2 of unbridled energy and, under the right circumstances, fury. If you every see her mad, just run the other way. It isn't worth it, man.


Voiced By: Purple Phantom ("Lazybones")



Cyran Blood




Lord Cyran Blood the Vampiric is an immortal demon vampire who wishes to unleash eternal darkness upon the world, open a gate directly into a Hell dimension and allow the armies of Darkness, Decay, Death and Destruction have their way with humankind. He's evil, he knows it and he's proud of it. Unfortunately, he's also smart. He's not the type to boat about his power at a time when he could easily kill those who seek to end his reign, so it's suggested that a hero never let their guard down when facing him, lest they become his next victim.


Voiced By:





HimeWorks - Scripting

Vlue - Scripting

Galv - Scripting

Syvkal - Scripting

Yato - Scripting

Neon Black - Scripting

Gump - Scripting

Shiggy - Scripting

Purple Phantom - Story, Characters, Actually making the game, voice acting

Enterbrain - Music, Graphics and engine

Archeia - Graphics

EvilEagles - Graphics

Joren "Tensei" de Bruen - Music

My Mum - Being awesome








One of Althia's rooms.



A dead guy.



Some dialogue. (Sorry about the size, here? Not sure what happened?)






As of now, the only unique feature is that all enemies drop either an enemy-specific combat or healing item. I plan on having more unique features in the future, but that's about it, for now.





Why are you posting this so early in development?

Because I want to get it completely finished - voice acting and all - before my Mum's birthday. If I post something in recruitment with little to no information, I'm not going to get many people interested; however, if I post a post for a game in progress, I'll probably get more people interested in helping me out.


Why make an entire game for your Mum?

Because she works hard to take care of me, so why not work hard on something fun and exciting? Also, I love my Mum and just want to make her something cool in general.


^_^ Ask me any questions you have about this game! I'll answer them! ^_^

Voiced By:

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Not too big of an update, but I added to the Credits section and added a header picture. This is likely a placeholder image until I can make a better one.

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