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[XP] Finding Eden (Complete)

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Made in less than a month for an apocalypse-themed game-making competition, Finding Eden is an action/adventure game set after the end of the world.



Being the two of the last survivors of the collapse of society, you and your friend must struggle to make ends meet while your remaining lifespan ticks away - and the only way to recover it is to scavenge life-giving mana from pockets of vitality that haven't already been picked clean.





  • Action-Based Battle System: Switch between two characters on the fly with the AI controlling your partner.
  • Open World: Explore the crumbling remains of a once-thriving world
  • Unique Powers: Each character has a unique power which they can use to turn the tide of battle.
  • Titles System: There are a total of 7 titles to be found, awarded at the end of the game based on your performance.








  • Original Concept : Sailerius and Hirei
  • Mapping and Writing : Sailerius
  • Character Art and Design : Hirei
  • Programming : Sailerius
  • Scripts By : Sailerius, Blizzard, ccoa, and winkio
  • Music : Yusaku Kishigami
  • Event CG and Sprites : Hirei
  • GFX and UI Design : Hirei
  • Miscellaneous Art Assets : Lucas Kich, Erk, NeoRTP, Etolier




Q: How long is the game?

A: One of the requirements of the contest was that the game had to be beatable in under a half hour.



Q: Is there more to the story? Will there be a sequel or a full game?

A: Currently, there are no plans for a full game. However, Hirei recently submitted a small cutscene detailing a little more about events that happened in Finding Eden. You may download the Crossroad cutscene here.

Edited by Hirei

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I remember you guys submitting this game for the competition, it was an amazing achievement, in my opinion. =]


I'm really happy to see you posting it on other forums, it is definitely an accomplishment to be proud of. :3

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This was one of the first RM games I played back in the old R3 days :3

Think I remember the combat being a little off but the story and graphics were really something, especially given the time constraints.

Feel kind of lucky finding it here actually, definitely giving it another playthrough this weekend and I'll check out that Crossroads short too!

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