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We're happy to announce, that Game Maker section is available!


While things are still work in progress, you're free to post your threads with questions and such, as well as your projects/games in the Game Production area.


In case if somebody doesn't know what Game Maker is -

Game Maker Studio is a software, that allows you to create games from scratch through using build-in drag&drop functions, to coding things on your own. It is capable of making both, 2D and 3D games, though it focuses mainly on 2D games as there are better alternatives for 3D games. Platformers, top-down/sidescrollers, shooters, RPG's, point&clickers, tower defense, etc., etc., it all is up to you!


For a comparison, it is more advanced software than RPG Maker series (difficulty-wise), due to lack of a pre-coded game, but it allows you to nicely step into the scripting with its user friendly editor. Few tutorials and simple games for testing will be enough to give you the general idea on how things work, which will allow you to approach more complex projects.

If you're familiar with scripting in RPG Maker, you'll find it easier to learn to script in Game Maker.


If you'd like to see what Game Maker Studio can do, here is a video showcasing some recent games made with it:



You can purchase Game Maker Studio for $99.99 (Desktop Licence) on their website. They also offer a free trial if you'd like to give it a try first.


Have fun and feel free to discuss the software on the forums!

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