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Independent Stats for Weapons and Armor

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Hey all,


Been a long, long time since I posted here. Just decided to get back into RPGMaker(VXAce), and I was curious as to how to solve a particular question.


WARNING: The solution to this might involve scripting, and might belong in the scripting forum, but I figured I'd ask here first in case there's a simpler method.


I want to define separate parameters for Weapon Damage and Armor Rating, rather than simply having them add to ATK or DEF. The reason for this is I like to rename ATK and DEF things like "Strength" and "Endurance," and it rubs the wrong way having a weapon equip increase your Strength or an armor equip increase your Endurance. I also like the idea of having more creative Damage Formulas, like:


Damage = (Weapon Damage x ((100 + Strength) / 10)) - (Armor Rating x ((100 + Endurance) / 10))


Or somesuch.


If there isn't a way to do this simply without reducing the number of available Stats to choose from (I've already assigned all six default ones), I'd appreciate a script recommendation that I can implement fairly easily to solve this problem.


Thanks all. I've said for a long time that this is probably the best online community I've been a part of. You're all beautiful people.



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