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Dwarves generator parts [Face,TV and Variations]

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As dwarves are supposed to become a big race in my game, Renryuu, I've hired a pixel artist to make generator parts and allow for a big amount of different dwarves to be made. I used to have big problems finding graphics for dwarves usable in the RPG Maker MV, that's why I'm making these parts publicly available and help out everyone with the same problem.

Most of the parts are made by the artist VanillaBrocker himself, but some are edits of the default parts. The default clothes also work pretty well on the smaller dwarves in most cases.
This is only the first upload. Brocker works on more parts, so I'll update the post every now and then, until I have enough parts and stop the commissions.

Non-commercial projects can use and edit all parts, as long as they give credit to Naughty-Netherpunch and the artist VanillaBrocker.
Commercial project can also use all all parts, but depending on the project might be asked to add a link to my blog or patreon page in some way. Please contact me here or per mail at naughty-netherpunch@web.de for details and permission.
Reposting on other sides is allowed, as long as the requirements for commerial and non-commercial projects are mentioned


Example characterset:



So far the set contains:

1 Helmet in 3 variations

2 Beards

1 Dwarf body shape

2 Face shapes

1 Custom made armor

2 Ears

8 Eyebrows

6 Eyes

3 Facial Marks

2 Front hair

2 Rear hair

3 Mouth

2 Noses

If you use the RPG Maker MV in steam, you can find the generator folder at Steam\SteamApps\common\RPG Maker MV\Generator. Should you already have a part with the same number as the one I gave the part,you can change the number behind the "p" (for example here: FG_AccA_p02_c1_m013) to one higher than the highest you currently have. Just remember to change the number to all different versions of the part (Face/TV and Variations) to the same number

Special notes:
The face image of the Helmet is given in 3 different color patterns. You can pick your favorite and remove the -a/b/c at the end, or give them 3 different numbers and use all of them.

I haven't seen any way to change the body shape yet, so the TV image TV_Body_p02 needs to be changed to p01 and replace the default male body in order to be used. Of course, you should rename the default body first, to change all back afterwards. ;)

You can find the .zip file with all parts in the attachments of this post, or you can download them at:


Dwarves generator parts v1.zip

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these are really cool,

I downloaded them to have a look but the parts are not adding to the battle spirits part of it though, any chance these can be done to?

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The battle spirits weren't part of the commission and therefore were never made.
Sadly the artist had no more time soon after making these dwarf parts, and as result I never got any more.

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