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Who to credit for these music tracks?

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(This may be the wrong topic to discuss this in, if so, I apologise).


I'm using the Steam version of Rpg Maker MV.

So, I've imported a few tracks from the folder


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RPG Maker MV\dlc\BaseResource\audio\bgm


specifically, 03_A_Gentle_Breeze.ogg


I don't see any credits file in this folder, and it seems to be something that comes with MV, but just in case, wanted to make sure, is this a file that needs to be credited?

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When it comes to Steam's MV, it has notepad files that state who to credit, if anyone requested credit for their works. If it has nothing for the file, then you're not fully required to credit the person. However, to be courteous, I recommend searching the file through different sites, and try to find the composer that way.

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