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Help w/Damage Formula

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Hey all,


Help with the actual math isn't what I need, but rather how RPGMaker (VXAce) is interpreting the syntax and any inherent limits that I'm bumping up against. My current formula is thus:


(103^a.level) * (44 * ((a.xstat.weaponry * a.atk) / (b.xstat.armor * b.def))) / (100^a.level)


Seemingly needlessly complicated, I know, but there is a method to my madness. As RPGMaker automatically rounds all decimals before crunching numbers, I had to get creative in creating a 3% per level increase to damage (all other factors held constant) by using 103^x / 100^x in the formula. According to PEMDAS, I can't find any reason why this equation shouldn't work, rounding only at the end when the final division is done, but the damage dealt is unaffected by the character's level. As a result, I can only conclude that the program isn't properly calculating the exponentials in the equation.


Why is this? And, more importantly, how do I fix it?


Thanks again, ya'll.



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Hey Jinumon.


I think the issue you are having is with the operators you are using.

I assume the intention of (103^a.level) is 103 raised to the power of a.level?


If so you would want to use (103**a.level)​. Double asterisk is the symbol for exponential in ruby.


Did a test run:

a.level = 20


(103^a.level)​ = 130

(103*a.level)​ = 2119

(103**a.level)​ = a really large number


Hope that helps.


~ Dinhbat3

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I've moved this thread to Ace Editor Support and Discussion. Theory and Development section is for discussing ideas, concepts etc.. =)

This thread is closed, due to problem being solved. If for some reason anybody would like to reopen this thread, just notify a moderator or report the first post on this thread and ask for reopening in the reason box stating why. Thank you! =)

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