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Using Items To Add Weapon Attributes

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Hey there.


I've recently been considering adding a feature similar to FFX's weapon/armour augmenting feature.


Basically, you use items to add abilities to your equipment, such as;

By spending 99 antidotes, ,you can add a "poisontouch" ability to your weapon to inflict poison on contact.

However, spending 99 antidotes on your equipment can add a "poison resist" that decreases the chance of being poisoned.


I couldn't find anything on google related to this, so I thought I'd throw the idea out there.


Ideally, abilities don't "unlock" unless you have atlast one item needed for it, ie;

Poisontouch doesn't become visible until you have atleast 1 antidote on your possession. This makes later abilities easier to hide until later by giving higher tier items.


I've seen a few augmentation plugins, such as sythesis, augments, upgrading and materia systems, but I haven't seen an ability added through items.


My game focuses alot on material gathering for crafting and for selling for money (no enemy money drops) so having a feature where you can upgrade equipment with items makes sense in my games logic so I thought I'd ask anyway :P


Just tossing the idea out there~

Thanks in advance if anyone takes this challenge~

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