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Hi, I'm Spuds, and I'm a game developer who also happens to be good at making cinematic and video game music.

I'm working on a Cinematic Music Pack right now, and I hope to sell it when it is done. I have an example I can share with you.






Here's a few other songs that I've composed and remixed:


Theme Music:


https://soundcloud.com/spuddyferret/the-puppeteers-new-players  <--- Outdated.

https://soundcloud.com/spuddyferret/daniels-theme-final    <--- Made with Logic Pro X - I don't use this anymore.


Battle Music:


Emotional Music:


Remixes and Rearrangements:

Taffy's Theme - Joori


Choral - Dark Ominous - Murray Atkinson


I would love to hear feedback! :)


Also, I use MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio Steam Edition for anyone who wants to know how I got the sounds.


​drops mic




Legal stuff agh


​All tracks above with the exception of FE-Epic_3 are part of ​The Legend of Jerry Quiver: Rise of The Dominion ​OST and cannot be used without the consent of the composer, SpuddyFerret.




Ferret Entertainment - Cinematic Music Pack ©2017.
The rights of the content in this pack belong to Dominic Ford.
Ferret Entertainment ©2017.
As the purchaser, you must agree to the following:
-You must not distribute this pack to any one else.
-You will only use the content in any DEGICA® made software.
   - With this, you must give full credit to Ferret Entertainment, stating the track name(s) and specifically stating Ferret Entertainment©.
-You will use this pack in commercial and non-commercial projects.
-You must not attempt to alter the content and sell it, claiming it as your own.
Edited by SpuddyFerret

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