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completed Super Dungeon Master: Quest for the Firestaff

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NON-COMMERCIAL VENTURE! ~ feel the love!


Abstract: A top-down remake of the 1987 FTL classic Dungeon Master., complete with all 24 original characters – and bonus areas!


MasterGenre: Retro RPG Fantasy dungeon-crawler, action battle system, arcade, silly.


Game Progression: Completed and released on Steam. Even has 32 Achievements and an online community.


Recruitment: ARTISTS - a man has to know his limitations. I want this game to be more 'Anime' - it has perhaps deviated a little too far from its RPG Maker roots...



Latest versions can be grabbed from here:
and more information here:


Super Dungeon Master: Quest for the Firestaff


You are Theron, student to the Grey Lord. You are tasked with resurrecting four trapped champions and beating the infamous dungeon of Lord Chaos deep within Mount Anaias. Your team must find the fabled Firestaff and empower it so you can outwit and defeat Lord Chaos.






All 14 original game levels lovingly remade for the RPG Maker engine.

Play from an array of over 24 playable characters from 12 amazing classes.

Additional bonus levels and dialogue expanding on original lore.

Nod to Grimrock with exclusive bonus level.

- Totally rad soundtrack featuring a dazzling array of talent of the current chiptune scene.

- 16-colour sprites, stereo sound - written in 100% machine code.

- 60 playable characters!




Character Bios:

Features all 24 original characters from the Dungeon Master game:







Alex: Alex lost his sister leading the revolt against the Beast-Army of Lord Chaos - but won the heart of Syra as they struck Mount Anaias.

AziziAzizi and her partner Sonja were assigned as bodyguards to Elija for the Council of Chengu - but were betrayed! Azizi seeks freedom.

BorisBoris was Court Jester to Queen Sophia and volunteered to join the dangerous party going deep into Mount Anaias itself.

Chani - Chani was counsel to Queen Sophia and sent to keep an eye on Duke Zed, who tends to be rash in battle: Chani is wise and loyal.

DaroouDaroou is a misunderstood beast with a kind heart. He paternally looks after others and seeks to beat up Lord Chaos.

Elija - Elija had the power to transform stone. The Council of Chengu sent him capture Lord Chaos, but Elija was betrayed and seeks revenge!

Gando - Gando has a keen mind and a lot of gadgets. Gathering the clan-folk, he attempted to outsmart Lord Chaos once before and seeks to win!

Gothmog - Lord Chaos tricked Gothmog into trapping fallen champions in the mirrors or perish! Gothmog vows to redeem himself and crush Lord Chaos.

Halk - Halk grew up fighting the many beast-clans. When Lord Chaos united the beasts, Halk knew he must seek and destroy Lord Chaos in person.

Hawk - The wise Council of Chengu hired Hawk to get Elija into the fortress of Lord Chaos undetected - but no-one warned him of magik!

Hissssa - Hissssa arranged for a Red Dragon to get Gando's party from Makar to Mount Anaias - where they were betrayed! Hissssa seeks vengeance!

Iaido - Here to collect a bounty on behalf of the Makisu dynasty, Iaido works with thieves and rouges to achieve an honourable goal.

Leif - Leif and Stamm are buddies who hate Lord Chaos and his cronies. They both failed Queen Sophia an now seek redemption.

Leyla - If the money is big enough, Leyla is there to collect. This is nothing more than a job to Leyla, who loves escaping from tight corners.

Linflas - Linflas was made homeless when the Eternal Forest burned. Linflas is calm and keeps the team together, but seeks vengeance.

Mophus - Iaido and Wu Tse were tricked into thinking Mophus could destroy Lord Chaos - but this was a mistake! Mophus now seeks redemption.

Nabi - Disillusioned with humanity, Nabi vows to seek peace with Lord Chaos and to find a way to undo the dark magik.

Sonja - Sonja and her partner Azizi were assigned to help Elija defeat Lord Chaos for the Council of Chengu - she seeks the blood of Lord Chaos!

Stamm - Stamm and his pal Leif had to transport a valuable artefact away from Lord Chaos, but they were betrayed! Now Stamm wants revenge!

Syra - Syra survived the burning of the Eternal Forest to fight alongside her beloved Alex as they fought to Mount Anaias.

Tiggy - Travelling from another world, Tiggy is fleeing the Cube of Grimrock and was tricked into giving Lord Chaos the power to control Flux.

Wu Tse - With her traps, Wu Tse escorted Iaido to capture Lord Chaos - however the party were tricked and failed: now there will be vengeance!

Wuuf - Wuuf was raised of humble stock and has seen too many of her brothers die in the war against the Beast-Army. This must end!

Zed - Queen Sophia needed Duke Zed to lead the strike-force to kill Lord Chaos before the Beast-Army overran her palace: is there still time?


Trolina - Trolina saw here people magikally enslaved by Lord Chaos and now seeks answers - the magik mirror holds the key.

Theron - Theron is Lord Grey's Apprentice, a spirit of his former self, torn from reality and here to unlock four champions.


Full details here:






Super Dungeon Master: Quest for the Firestaff.

V1.06, RPG Maker VX Ace




this game is FREEWARE.
this game is a fan-derivative of the original 1987 FTL 'Dungeon Master' - and all copyright for the original content remains with Doug Bell and his original team.

Dave Gumble, 31st May 2017. x


v1.06 RELEASE, Nov 26 2017
- big artwork overhaul
- update controls to allow greater control for followers
- swap out firestaff as a common weapon
- bugfixes
- more nice effects
- random intro screen

v1.05 RELEASE, Nov 2017
- fix to close sekelton doors on lower levels! doh!
- updated AI of wasps, gigglers
- massssively improved UI, follower AI, combat handling, etc.

V1.04 release, Oct 2017.
- rebalancing of combat system
- addition of Prison 'teaser' level
- addition of Tavern player selection area
- removal of some barriers to allow easier access to Champions backstories
- projectiles no longer go through walls

V1.03 release, Sept 2017.
- Steam release, +32 achievements

V1.02 release, July 2017.
- minor bugfixes

V1.01 release, June 2017.

Resolved issues: 
incorrect credit for audio track
starts up on 'continue' by default, rather than always 'new game'

V1.0 - Beta release, 31st May 2017.

Known issues: 
Some gameplay balancin gissues
Some performance issues when busy
Monsters do not know pits exist
projectiles do not know walls exist.

+ whatever people now find.


RPGMAKER VX ACE, as purchased Dec 2016


Game Author:
Dave Gumble, boyflea, (c) 2017 (insofar as how content is put together and concept for this version).

Original Dugeon Master Team, (c) 1987 (thirty years dude, thirty years!)
Doug Bell - director
Dennis Walker - asst. director
Mike Newton - 2nd unit director
Andy Jaros - graphics
Wayne Holder - producer
Hiroyo Sunamoto - translation

Contributors: RPGMAKER SCRIPTS USED (and modified where approriate) - or at least referenced to if not implemented
Yanfly: Menus, Dynamic Stats, Stop Movement, System Options, Force-Move Event, Extra Param Formulas.
Falcao Pearl: ABS System, 3.0
Sixth: ABS mods
Tsukihime: eventing, tile-swapping, map-screenshot tool
Galv: Time hud
Modern algebra: text-wrapping, monster catalogue
Fomar0153: toggle sprint
majirefly: level title
mithran: sprite debug
Kayzee (aka KilloZapit) cache-cleaner, idea for fairydust name.
Lunia: party hud
Zeus81: fullscreen option
Moghunter: title screen
Mikb69 - some popup
Dekita: perfect EXP Curve(tm) (NB: this is a non-commerical game)
Dark Paladin: end-credits

cyanic: for the cool Steam Achievements enabler

Ruby forum inspiration and advisors:

MUSIC - where possible, permission was confirmed with all authors, and contat attempted with other musicians.

Fine Excuses – Joyjoi 

Ana Bognor - I can hear the wind

Visager – Eerie Mausoleum, We Can Do It, Final Sacrifice, The Plateau At Night, Haunted Forest, Ice Cave, Inside the Tower, Pyramid, The Great Forest, Dark Sanctum, Factory Time

Eric Skiff – Searching, Prologue, Come and Find Me, We Are The Resistors, Underclocked, Ascending*, Digital Native*, We’re all under the stars, All of Us

Ozzed – Seductive Sapce, Satisfuckion, Lava Flow Stressamp Turbo Pulse

Gumbel – Levels, El Siniestro Y La Velz, Tapes, Fortsetzung_Folgt

Hyper Foofie – Campfire

Aenigma - Spiders, Parry Knave

Raymond March – Hyberbolic Spaces

Rolemusic – Itsumo no y ni

Vulpeox - DioZe

Fasterbaby - Grandmaster Chief

World Map
World Map inspiration – thanks to, John Olsson, the donjon. 



 Christophe Fontanel - wiki author
 George Gilbert - RTC author
 Sophia - DSB author
 Paul Stevens - CSBWin author
 Seriously Unserious
 Ian Clark
 Erik Bauer

 Eleven Warrior
 The cube

 Vox Novus



Sarah, Bertie & Violet: my little party of four. X



















Coming soon.
Known Issues:




- Falcao Pearl ABS system pushed to the limit, so bit laggy

- Graphically a bit uneven

- control-system is very complicated, still refining

- the damn AI can still throw up some interesting results.




Dev Site:






Edited by boyflea
Massssive update!

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Finally... I did it. Launched v1.0 of my VX Ace game... was terrific fun to build. :)

Well, leveraged a heap of scripts and built something that rattles and wheezes a bit, but playable.

Learned many things and with help from some wonderful people on these forums, thanks!

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Minor update, v1.01 provided, addresses issue with omitted credits and fixes 'Continue' niggle on main menu.

Thanks everyone for the support!

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Thanks to inspiration from Kayzee (KilloZapit) - have updated to v1.02 to include two extra characters to make the game considerably easier to play: this will allow younger players to participate. :)

And hopefully, that will be all teh updates for a while!


Please feel free to provide any feedback here or on the main RMN site....

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Thanks to inspiration from Kayzee (KilloZapit) - have updated to v1.02 to include two extra characters to make the game considerably easier to play: this will allow younger players to participate. :)

And hopefully, that will be all teh updates for a while!


Please feel free to provide any feedback here or on the main RMN site....

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UPDATE: so it's been a while. Have launched a succession of builds on Steam and getting great feedback - though I sorely miss any substantial feedback form the RPG Maker community: is this game pushing the genre a bit too much away from what RPGM is good at I wonder... ? And unfortunately, until I hear otherwise, I will have to assume this is so.


The criticism for RPGM games is that they are often samey, however in my approach to this, have I been to alienating? Would love to hear any comments:

I am like a blindfolded man, searching in a dark room for a black cat who, is not there.


Can you help?

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