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Requesting 2D Resources - Rules and Guidelines

In this section, you can request 2D resources, that can be used almost everywhere.

Examples: tiles, icons, backgrounds, characters and sheets, etc.

All Global Rules apply, unless overwritten by following:
rLEvyqx.png | 1. Bumping
You are allowed to bump your topic only if 72 hours (three days) have passed since the last post.
ObEzwru.png | 2. Double Posting
You are allowed to double post only if you have an important update, such as finding the solution. Otherwise, edit your post or follow the bumping rule above.

jdpy3yA.png | 3. Necroposting
You are allowed to necropost in this section as long as the thread is open.
baHU5zG.png | 4. Locking / Removing Threads
You are allowed to lock your thread once you believe, that its purpose has been fulfilled or is no longer needed.

> Report the first post in the thread

> Message a moderator or admin


E9csV8m.png | 5. Unlocking Threads
You are allowed to unlock your or others' threads if you have something relevant and/or important to add.

> Message a moderator or admin with details


xjzXVqp.png | 6. Inactivity
Threads inactive for 3 months or more will be locked.


vBGTD94.png | 7. Tags

Tags aren't required, though keep in mind, that adding proper tags will make your thread easier to find. It's up to you.


:excl: Note, that locked threads will be moved to archives after some time.








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