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music [PAID] Looking for a composer for a small OST

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Hiya everyone!


I'm on the search for a composer for my game!


What is the game like?


It's a strange game. It will be an RPG, so there's that. I'd rather not reveal much through here, I'd give you more information in an email or otherwise.



What style of music?


Ideally, strange music to match the strange game. The songs would be around 1-2 minutes in length. The following are encompassed in the mesh of genres that would be used for the songs:



Light electronica

Jumbled nonsense

Some orchestral elements



I don't trust you, are there any other games you've made?


I made a decently popular game Party 2.



Well then, what's your budget?


My budget is flexible, given the flexible nature of the amount of songs/shortness of the songs. I think I'd like to pay by the minute. $8 USD is reasonable I think. But again, I'm flexible.



If you don't have a paypal I will rip my eyes out with two rusty sewing needles.


Relax. I have a paypal, and that is what I intend to pay with.



Well I'm sold. How should I contact you?


Hit me up with a PM, we'll further discuss things there. Don't bring any sewing needles.



I look forward to hearing from you!

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