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Vox Dia

Pia's Rather Complicated Adventure

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“God a’ mercy!†Pia cried. “I had unwittingly drunk too much apple juice and I urgently need to…!â€


Pia raced her way through the Old Ways Village in urgent search for the lavatory. She regretted spending her morning with the Oni in Requiem, for which they were having one  their many drinking festivals. Pia, however, despised alcohol but wanted to join in the fun.


The Old Ways Village was surprisingly empty.


“People… No people,†Pia thought. She hatched an idea.


“No! As a Maiden, that can only be a last resort!â€


Trailing behind Pia was the spirit Gwendolyn Komatsuzaki. She seemed pretty amused.


“Heya, Pia!†She greeted. “Why the hurry?â€


“My Lady!†Pia exclaimed, still in a mad sprint through the Village. “To speak the truth, basically…!â€


Gwendolyn waved her hand in understanding.


“I see, so that’s how it is,†she told Pia. “Though, it’s best to take the winding path when in a hurry.â€


Pia thought for a moment.


“YES, INDEED.†Pia pulled out a spellsign. “ELEMENT SIGN: WHIRLWIND SPRINT!â€


Pia had then summoned a small whirlwind that engulfed her up to the neck. She was going much faster now.


“That’s not what I-â€


“I see now! The rotational force is converted to propulsion!†Pia chirped. “I am in your debt, Lady Gwendolyn!â€


Before Gwendolyn could correct the Maiden, Pia had whirled off at top-Pia speed.


After two minutes of spellsign-speeding, Pia had the local lavatory in her sights. She pressed her heels into the dirt road in a halt.


“I am at my limits,†Pia breathed. “But, I have made it! Now, I shall-.â€


The door wouldn’t budge.


“It won’t open!? Is someone present already!?â€


Pia knocked on the restroom door with great force. A voice emerged from the other side.


“Ughhh… Who is it?â€


“Myon! I cry you mercy, but please do make haste!â€


“Ughhh… Hurry what up?â€




“Ughhh… Alright, I guess.â€


Pia twitched and gyrated like no one’s business. She then started to feel a tad exhausted. Using her spellsign took a bit too much effort.


“My sight…†Pia whelped.


The world went black.




“WHHAAA! Where am I? Where art the privy?â€


Pia sprang awake. She found herself in a springwater bath, bare as she was when she was born and chest-deep in the steaming water.


“What are you doing half-asleep in here, Pia†said Gwendolyn, seated next to her. “Don’t fall asleep in the bath.â€


“I-is that so?†Pia sighed. “It seems as if I had fallen asleep whilst in the progress of something.â€


Pia laughed, unaware of what would stain her pride later on.


And her clothes.


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A shrill giggle erupts from the bushes nearby to the town lavatory as a young fairy blatantly self-inserts herself into the story from out of nowhere.

"Yes, yes, struggle my pretty thing... so filled to bursting... Oooh... Wiggle for me you naughty girl..."


She watches, leering, as the girl passes out in anticipation for...


Suddenly, the spirit following the girl parts the bushes and looks down on the fairy.


"Er... Hi?"


The fairy gulps a bit before throwing fairy dust in the spirit's face and fluttering off.


(What I mean to say is, I really liked the story. Hehe...)

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