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Mapping Shop of Dreams

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Hello, and welcome to my humble mapping workshop! Whether you're looking for one map,or one hundred, I've got you covered! 


I specialize in VxAce mapping, although I can accept MV commissions as well.


To order a commission, either leave a post below, or send me a PM with the details of your request. We'll figure out the details through PM's.




All prices are in US Dollars.


Small maps ( >20x20 )
$5-$10 per map (Discounted if bought in bulk)
Medium maps ( 30x30+ )
$15 per map
Large maps ( 45x45+ )
$20 per map
Giant maps ( 60x60+ )
$25-$35 per map
Massive maps ( 90x90+ )
Can differ greatly depending on complexity. Provide me some details, and I'll give you an estimate.


These are my base rates, although they may vary slightly depending on the complexity of your request. I do offer discounts for bulk orders, the amount of this discount will depend on a number of factors, including the amount and sizes of maps ordered.
I do accept rush orders, although they will cost extra.
As for payment, I typically work by a "pay half up front, pay the rest at the end" method. Once we figure out the details of the order, I'll send you my paypal email. Half of the agreed price must be payed upfront before I'll start working on your order. The other half will be payed after you are shown the maps, and I'll send over your order via PM.



* I have the right to refuse requests.

* Maps may take longer than expected to make, depending on real life situations. If for some reason I cannot finish your request, you will be refunded.

* Once the map is completed, you must pay me for my work. I'll be happy to make some tweaks to the map if you'd prefer, but you can't simply decide not to pay.

* You may use commissioned maps however you see fit, so long as it follows the terms of the resources used.
* I reserve the right to use any maps commissioned.

* If you use a commissioned map, please credit me as Vis_Mage.

* By commissioning me, you accept that you are above the age of 18, or are doing so with permission of someone over the age of 18.

* By commissioning me, you accept all above terms of service.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :)

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