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Ookami School, 3-A Class is having a regular morning lesson, when a lightning hits the West Wing of the school causing a complete Blackout. 

Is up to Ichigo Suzuki, the school representative, to ask for help... but she will find out that the whole school has been teleported to another dimension and is now filled with Demons! 
The bad news is, they can't run away. 
Is there a good news too...? Yes, actually, there is! 
A Divinity will offer help to some chosen students, in the form of some "Spirits" that can transform into weapons, with different powers and features. 


Will they be able to survive? 









Ichigo Suzuki: she is the 3A Class Representative. She is polemic sometimes, but she works hard for her class, and she can be a true leader. Her best friends are Akame, Roku and Haru. 

Yume: she is Ichigo's spirit, and she is a girl, even if she doesn't seem one. Yume can't remember much about her past. She can transform into a Beretta 9mm. 

Roku Yamada: He is a quite tall, blond guy with light blue eyes. He is a Class Representative, along with Ichigo. 

Haru Tanaka: She is a very tiny girl, she is regarded as one of the cutest girls in her class. She is small, but, if she gets angry, she can be dangerous. 

Akame Kimura: They often calle her Senpai, since she has failed once, therefore she is older than Ichigo, Roku and Haru. She smokes a lot and she acts like a badass. 

















Makerando Forum


Game Jolt

modern algebra (Quest System)

Nickie (Core Script)

Yanfly (Save Engine)

Raizen884 (Step sound system)

Syvkal (Menu Bars VXAce)

Yami Engine (Battle Symphony)

Jet10985 (Splash Screens)

NerdiGaming (Title Menu)

Nickie (XaiL System - Menu Delux)

CSCA (Light Effects)




[Link 1] Release 1.7.3 (299Mb): https://rpgmaker.net/games/9715/

[Link 2] Release 1.7.3 (299Mb): https://gamejolt.com/games/akuma-no-gakko/249835

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