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Hello, people of the RM world!


First of all, before starting my introduction, I'd love to say that I'm still in the process of recovery from anxiety, so oftentimes I go awkward when talking to someone else. Do please understand that while I try my best to be friendly, at times, the fear arise.


Well, that's all for the sorrowful stuff. Let us begin.


(awkward stares)


Oh, man.


I've been tinkering with RPGs for quite a long time. Dating back to 2006, where I started my first RPG game (Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSX), I developed further interest in role-playing games, and when I found RPG Maker, I couldn't help myself. At first I thought RM had a lot of limitations, and looking to the script editor frightened me. I've been trying to search for alternatives, but in the end, I've decided myself I should get deeper to RPG Maker.


This year, I've started learning Ruby, and by now, I'm learning many aspects of Ruby from tutorials...and Yanfly's scripts. I read through all the scripts, referring back and forth to the help pages, trying to experiment many what-ifs. Should Yanfly be reading this, I would like to deliver my deepest gratitude for creating such wonderful scripts.


Where have gone my manners? I've yet to introduce my name.


Please feel free to call me Al, or Aldian, my name. The full name, Aldian Hudaya, is a modification of an arabic word for 'Al-huda' that means guide. So my name would mean someone who hopefully brings guide and helps people to know and understand. I love helping out peoples, teaching them whatever I know, sharing them whatever I can do share, by natural. The satisfaction of having helped people, and having those helped by us gain something in their life, is undoubtedly fascinating. Ah, yes, the happiness, too, to see their smiles.




Dang, I went too far again.


I haven't got my hands much on RPG Maker Games (and I'd love to try some, be it unfinished or finished!). So far, I've played those games that online Youtubers such as PewDiePie and Markiplier had played. Hmm... name some of them? I'd near forgotten. Say, hello and hell...o? What's the name of that game. Ah, and also The Crooked Man. I say they are fun to play and enjoyable.


My first attempt at tinkering RPG Maker is on RPG Maker VX Ace. I'd forgotten what year I began. Script-tinkering began January 2017, and it still continues even now. I've tried RPG Maker MV, but its performance is considerably slower on my laptop, so I used VX Ace instead.


Where I can be of some help, I am happy to. I am fluent in Indonesian (as its my mother language), and is able to do some translations. I've been working on the translation of my friend's RPG Game, Time/Divided. I can also do some programming, despite still elementary, of Ruby, VB.NET, C#, C++, F#... yeah, and I love to learn new things. Like, at any possible occasions. I also love to play-test some games, feel free to ask.


Feel free to ditch those wallets, too. I don't mind much about money matters, and volunteer, unpaid works are always welcome, for I can learn a thing or more from those. By now, I'm tinkering with Yanfly's scripts to further my understanding of RGSS3. I also am scratching out ideas for an upcoming RPG project under VX Ace.


I suppose that's all for now. *gasp*


Feel free to talk to me. I may not be that sociable, but I'm doing my best.


Nice to meet you all~




P.S. We do not want to further blabber about religious or faith matters, but I'll state that I'm a Muslim. I heavily despise what those (fools) terrorists do in the middle-east. Genocide has never been taught in my religion, not even once, and bombing oneself to hurt as many innocents as possible is an act most foolish. Many people question the statement and teachings of peace offered by my religion, perhaps, because they see what the terrorists do. Here, in Indonesia, such murderous acts are heavily despised by Muslims nationwide. I believe that everyone has equal rights in things they do, and so, no single person are slave to anyone else. No single person has to die, more when it's to manifest some visionaries' dream.

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