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Hello, I have a crafting script request for RPG maker VXace And hopefully RPG Maker MV. I am looking for a sceneless crafting Script,  Instead of the player going into a crafting menu they interact with the crafting station of choice then choose what item/weapon/armor from a cookbook they would like to craft. Once chosen the crafting item will deduct the ingredients from the player inventory and will start showing a progress bar on top of the item. The player can then leave the item to craft and continue on with the game. When the player goes to interact with the item it will state whats crafting, how long the crafting process takes and what stage it is at. A graphic will show when the item is done, but if the item is left for too long it will go bad. *kind of like the cooking tycoon games like cooking dash, cake mania etc. The crafting system must to be compatible with Advanced Game Time + Night/Day by V.M. And have its own timing system for other projects without the script.


Here are some examples of what the crafting scean will look like: 


The First image With the Pots: 


This is just a small room made in MV, the Pots are edits I have done using some of the Big IconSet Icons as a base, The Little bars near the item are a progress bar. The player will choose what item they want to craft then it takes the items for the player inventory, Then the crafting process will start and the bar will appear. The player can then leave the room to go do stuff, once the item is done crafting it switches to it Done graphic If the player takes to long to get the item the item will burn.




This is the crafting book, The player will find recipes if they have the recipe the item will show up near the recipe and reveal its name if not it remains a ???. The next arrow is to show what the next set of recipes are in the book. and the Next book tab will take the player to the next crafting book if they have it in their inventory. there are 3 crafting books. (Level 1) Basic stuff, (Level 2) harder stuff {will take longer to craft} and (Level 3) Mastery {these items are special and will take 1 or 2 days to craft}





Each item will need a set of crafting items to craft them with, If the player is missing a key item for the recipe then they can't craft it the recipes will show the cooking time and burn time so the player will know when their item will be done.




I have been searching for a crafting system like this for years and I am hoping that this system could be made. I would be very grateful to anyone who can make this type of system in RPG Maker VX ace/MV. Or anyone who can pass off the knowledge of a possible event such a system in RPG maker. 


Thank you all in advance. 



*The image I have posted Images made using Photoshop CS6, RPG maker Vx Ace/MV Tilesets and Big IconSet sprites. The edits to these graphics were done my me, I have gained no profit from these images. ~thank you*

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