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#rpgmakermv Cait's MV world

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( =>.<= ) I just want to say that I found this new system to be dumb, now that's out of the way, I will state my real reason for starting this. I have created MV graphics and I could have sworn I started a topic here, but if I did it seemingly vanished into thin air.  NO, I am certain I shared something, but oh well.  


Terms of Service:

1.  You must own a legit copy of RPG Maker MV, using it in any maker you own legit. 2.  You are free to use this in whatever sort of game you want.  3. Credit the company and me, Caitlin NicNubill, Caitlin, NicNubill 4.  Feel free to offer me a free game, if used in a commercial project.  










Character Set (Includes objects)







Original pieces


















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Sorry to hear you're having troubles. Please feel free to leave suggestions in Forum Feedback and Support to help us improve the system.

As for the missing thread - that's really weird. Nothing has been removed, so if that was posted, it should be somewhere... I've tried to look for that thread, but couldn't find anything, even in archives.

If you'd ever post the link to the thread somewhere (for example in signature), then it would be easy to locate it..

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Yeah, I don't know what happened to it, but it could have been anything.  o_o; Not that important, but it's just baffling.... Of course, it sooo could have been on my end, too, though.  

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I definitely remember your other MV topic, but cannot find it. I was also sure I had it bookmarked, but it seems not.

I'm glad your back to resource making again Cait. I enjoyed your content :3

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