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Q:What is this? (you may ask)
A:This is.... a good game, that's all.





If you don't like the screenshot, look this!



Click me!




Genre: RPG + Fantasy
Game Progression: completed game.
Demo time: 1 h 17 m 21s (More or less)

Full time: 12h or more



There is an evil dragon who likes to kill people, there is also a good hero,
the evil dragon has killed a good hero's family,
so the hero goes and fights the evil dragon but the evil dragon is too strong that the good hero loses,
after that the good hero Met with a beautiful devil,
the beautiful devil helped the good hero to gain strength,
after the good hero became strong he came back and fought the evil dragon,
helped by the beautiful devil they together fight the Evil Dragon.

Will the good hero and the beautiful devil defeat the evil dragon?
There is only one way to find out ...

Character Bios:


Rarirurero, the legendary hero
Race: Human (Emerald Clan)
A young man destined to become a Hero, at first he is coward but later he will become the bravest.
Quote: If you wondering why my face like this you'll know it soon...
Nerumuera, the Cute Succubus
Race: Demon (Epic Succubus)
A kind Succubus(Self proclaimed), she love to tease hero.
Quote: I know I'm very very cute, but you shouldn't stare me like that y'know.
Alastor, Mr.Warrior
Race: Human (Amber Clan)
A veteran solider, he act like a guardian.
Quote: I'm just pile of rock, no one care about me.
Alisia, Magician Girl
Race: Human
A Mage, she is hero firend.
Quote:I won't lose to that Demon!

Winda, Wind Spirit
Race: Spirit
She can hear winds, she reside in Mount Kaelo.
Quote: Let's us dance together

Drasil, Earth Spirit
Race: Spirit
She can feel the earth, she reside in Ancient Pyramid.
Quote: ...

Linda, Water Spirit
Race: Spirit
She has calm heart, she reside in Water Temple.
Quote: Calm your heart and your mind.

Saramadra, Fire Spirit
Race: Spirit
She like to battle, she reside in Krakatoa Volcano.
Quote: Blast them all!
Kurama, Seven-Tailed Fox
Race: Kitsune
A fox that doesn't get along well with many people, but he can detect anyone from far away.
Quote: I hate people but I like Thin Fired Tofu...
Lucifer, 2nd Seraph
Race: White-Nesian(Lesser Angel)
Zukan Seraph, among all angel only he are the one doesn't trust Zukan.
Quote: I don't have anything to say.
Robby Utiman, Death God
Race: Youkai(Type Dead Human)
Suspicious person.
Quote: Don't mind me, I'm just Suspicious person, that's all.



Story :
- Ikhsan Robby F.
- Perang Cemen Contributor

Musics :
- Perang Cemen Contributor
- Enterbrain
- Rengou Teien (http://www.rengoku-teien.com/)

Scripts :
- Ikhsan Robby F (his script isn't for show, why? because always have bug anywhere!)
- Enterbrain
- KilloZapit (http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/6964-word-wrapping-message-boxes/)
- modern algebra (https://rmrk.net)
- Moghunter (https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/)

Graphics :
- Rfrf
- Perang Cemen Contributor
- Enterbrain
- First Seed Material(Tekepon)
- Moghunter
- Closet Ace

Special Thanks :
- To myself (The one who made this game)
- S. ARD
- Ama E.
- Perang Cemen Contributor

- Daz (For Fixing Bugs)
- and you for playing this game(if you have done play this game)

Download Demo(Fixed):

Download Full:

Known Issues:


All Fixed(Yay) if you found any "bugs"leave comment or PM me!


Edited by Perang Cemen
This game has been Downloaded over 400.000 times!

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Demo Has been fixed! everyone clap!

and link updated! everyone clap!

I hope this is not bumping... everyone clap even louder!

clap again for me Gwahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha!

Sorry I overdid it... just want to inform ya, if you found something wrong with my game be sure to reply to this topic or send me PM, sorry if I late notice it since I was

"LATE HERO" a hero who come when deadline is near...

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