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Looking for A Team for Kirby sprites and Coders

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I am looking for artist that can make Kirby character I will not commercial this project but this game will be free to play i'll give credit to the artist and music producers that helped with this project and HAL for the other projects.I will not copyright Kirby characters that is needed for the project.if i'm copyrighting Kirby characters I'll chose another Kirby character.Thank you and have a nice day.


Artist Requirement: Beam,Hammer,Bow Hats and the rest you can make your own Kirby hat in needed 


Music Producers: Any music that can fit in except copyrights music


Extra: also if you made a template of level that has kirby style or fit is fine


Type of Project: VX ace style


animators: kirby character needed in cutsences


Coders:For battle system for kirby to dodge or block and attack


More Details:Soon

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