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Marsigne's Cutscene Workshop

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What's this workshop about? Cutscene making, of course!

  • Struggling with move routes? I'm your man!
  • Want to have your cutscenes taken care of? You're at the right place!
  • Want to have 30 soldiers chasing you and fighting you at the same time? I can! (within a year of course)
Have in mind though that I only work with VXAce and MV. I'm much more familiar with VXAce, so MV may take some time.


The template must be sent via PM, and it must be composed of:

  • Game Title:
  • Directions: (outline, instructions, etc.)
  • Project demo: (materials for the scene)
Process: You send me the template, then I'll start working on it ASAP. I'll aim to make a fast first draft (shown via video) so you can see the progress and tell me what needs tweaking. After the scene's finished, I'll send the project file so you can copy the map/events.


Terms of service:

  • There is only one rule: that there are no rules!







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