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Welcome to my Empire! I am open to teach and/or do eventing systems for you.

Created Events


Evented Equipment Set
If you equip an armor set, you'll get bonuses which can be stats, skills, etc.
Equalize EXP
When the main character gains EXP, all actors in the entire database gain the same amount.
Basic Custom Battle System (I don't think there is a name for it)
Pretty hard to explain. Best if you just watch the video.
Thermo Vision
Normal Blackjack (Advanced)

Taught Systems


Relationship Simulator (Circle GUI)
Want to have relationships in-game? No problem!
I may also teach you how to event something if you wish to do so. We can do PM , but it is highly recommended that we use Discord or Skype (Skype is the most recommended). When you are satisfied with my service, I will add you under the "taught" list unless you say otherwise.
Link to thread (optional):
Example (if possible):
Would you like GUI/pictures done by me?
Art Style (must have a visual example(s))? (If yes on the above question)
Slot 1:Vis_Mage
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:
Slot 5:
Slot 6:
Slot 7:
Slot 8:
Slot 9:
Slot 10:
  1. Do not be afraid to ask for complicated/complex battle systems as that is my specialty.
  2. As much as I love talking to people, no message spamming.
  3. I do allow multiple requests, but it will be done after all CURRENT filled slots are finished.
  4. The order I do the systems in the order of which they were asked. The slots are in that order. When slot 1 is done, I will move all the other slots up by one. So if you're not slot 1, I suggest coming to this thread to see where you're at.
  5. Anything I do will be posted here, but you have the right to opt out of this (your request will not be affected).
  6. Wait 3 days before asking for the progress. If I am getting really busy in real life, some slots will close (people already in slots will NOT be unaffected), and you will be notified if I need to push back the deadline.
  7. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
  8. I can do commercial or non-commercial of any game.
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I remember one time (or maybe twice), I tried to put a Blackjack game together. As good as it looked, it kept hiccuping...I eventually gave up on it.

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Well, if you were to do so, that would be awesome.


I do have to say one thing about the game itself; it was considering Casino Style Rules as opposed to Home Rules (double downs, splits, surrenders, payout odds, and so on).

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Are you still accepting requests? And if so, could I put in a request:


Description: I'm looking to re-create a simple minigame from the now closed Club Penguin. I've been feeling a lot of nostolga for CP lately, and was hoping to re-create a few of its minigames in my game.
The minigame itself is called Thin Ice. The game itself is really simple, you move your character over ice tiles, which melt as you step off of them. The goal is to get to the end of the level (the red tile in the example video), but if you want a high score, you'll want to melt as many tiles as possible (with a bonus if you 100% a level). There's a few other mechanics that come into play, such as a tile that you can pass over twice, push blocks, a teleport tile, etc, but I'd imagine after you have the basic mechanic, those would be easy to add. I'm including a video below, but if you have any other questions, please do ask!
Example (if possible): Here's a video of someone playing the game;
Would you like GUI/pictures done by me?: If you're willing to, yes
Art Style (must have a visual example(s))?: Similar to the video. You'd be playing the game on a retro arcade cabinet, so the art style is fitting. Also, although you certainly don't have to, I do have a player sprite planned, if you'd be willing to retro-ize it to fit the other aesthetics.

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On 3/25/2021 at 9:17 PM, Chuck said:

The custom battle one is not available saying it is "in file owner's trash". Can you reupload it please?

It has been fixed!

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