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rpg maker 2000 Chii's Challenge

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Help Chii get home!

Genre: Puzzle/Retro
Game Progression: Complete

One day Chii is walking the path back to her home after a hard day's work and finds it blocked by a hole. Undaunted, Chii gathers her courage, makes a run and leaps over the hole! Well, that was the plan, anyway, but alas, Chii finds herself falling into the hole instead. Now she is trapped in a cavern full of puzzles and locked doors. Can Chii find a way out?


Chii's Challenge was created for the Retromania event held in honour of RMN's 10th Birthday. It's my first fully custom (graphically) game and is both quite short and quite simple. I might come back and add more to it at a later date but for now, it's complete. Please keep in mind that despite the name, it's only very lightly inspired by Chip's Challenge - basically what I recall of the game.


Total gameplay is about 5-10 minutes (maybe a little longer).

Chii - A fiery young woman searching for her way home after falling down a hole.
Graphics: Liberty (me), Kadokawa

Music: Ozzed







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