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trying to reallocate inventory quantities

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So I am able to draw from inventory to hud. but I want to see how many of a health item is in possession, and subtract from it when the item is used, and restore that value into the list.


if obj_input.heal_key {
    var temp = ds_list_find_value(healths[0],0);
    var looky = ds_grid_value_y(database,0,0,6,2,temp);
    var ind =  ds_list_find_index(inventory[0],temp);
    if ds_list_find_value(inventory[1], ind) > 0 {
        var sub = ds_list_find_value(inventory[1],ind);
        sub -= 1;
        if sub <= 0 ds_list_delete(healths[0],0);
but it currently does not destroy the healths[0],0 entry when it is used.

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so the solution was to keep the slots as simpler entries and not arrays. and then storing the top of the list then so on. I even managed to make two other menus that rely on the first one. however something is broken with my inventory selection. I spent all day on it, going to read now. 


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