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Heya, guys! Raven here!

I do a fair bit of Pixel Art and I've made this topic to share my work with y'all~

I typically work with minimal colors. I started with black and white and I've since started dabbling with mixing in more colors, but I rarely dabble with more than two colors. It is an art style that I feel I excel at and I have been honing it.

Lately, I have been working on a game by the name of DungeonBound that uses the Gameboy green palette which limits you to four colors. For starters here, I will share art that I've made for that game.

This is the trinity and their avatar(a fusion of the three members.)





This is Envy. A demon that is treated as lesser and thus tries to emulate others to poor results.








These are all of the demons that I have designed thus far(excluding lust.)

Gluttony -- A demon with a mighty appetite who will demand a chunk of your food.

Miasma, the Plague Bringer -- A demon who will shower you with deadly diseases should you not satisfy his requests.

Envy -- ^








This is Lust! A dangerous demon who will seek embrace from your party members. If any of your party members are dead, she will mess with your stuff.

WARNING: The following image contains some risque imagery.








This is my newly designed over world system. The old one was kind of meh. Each of the three zones in the game will have randomized maps, so this is one of five possible maps for the (first)area.








Hope you enjoy~ clear.png

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It's been a lil bit but I'm here with a new piece of art! This one was a tricky one and took multiple redesigns of various parts of him. Funnily enough, the legs ended up being the hardest part as I had to redesign them like 4 times, lmao.


Meet Greed - A demon who will lash out at you if you do not share some of your riches with him.





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