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Verdelite's "Art" Dump

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Hello there!

I wanted to share some pieces that I made for my game (but didn't want to post in my game thread because spoilers)



This is going to be used as a loading screen ( as soon as the character makes his appeareance) but, while I'm somewhat happy with the face atm the body just looks weird ._.

I suppose I can't draw clothes >_< and what is anatomy, never heard of that


Feel free to give me pointers on how to improve for future pieces!


Thank you for your time!

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Thank you <3 Yep, he's supposed to be slightly leaning forward. (I'm not sure if that makes the picture make any more sense though :D)


I made another character's loading screen:



I think I'm starting to see a pattern now. I suppose I like things dramatically blowing to the right :D

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