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Perang Cemen Devil Boy Quest


If you didn't judge a book from it's cover then

don't judge a game form it's cover too!

This is The BEST Rpg game Ever









The game that once made with old rpg maker and unable to post it on world wide now remade in Rpg maker Vx Ace in order to bring this Historical battle of brave-boy to over world.
This is Fantasy RPG game that make you dream come true and wash away any reality...

This game is Commercial due to request from  the one who make it.

This game may aimed at a young male audience.


Game Progression 75/100

Average Demo time: Up to 8 hour.





Story about the world of Perang Cemen
In a world, where monsters take many forms, one boy is fated to change everything forever. It all begins with Lexar, who has a dream given to him by the god Zukan. In this dream, Zukan commands Lexar to become his champion, and take up arms against the legion of monsters. Lexar is not entirely willing to do this, believing that humans and monsters can coexist peacefully. Is Lexar's fate tied to Zukan's will, or will he be able to choose his own path?

Central Character:




Lexar North Field
Lexar is the main protagonist of Devil Boy Quest. He is a boy of undetermined age (although Karen mentions that he is younger than 21), and he hails from Ilya Village(It's your start point). He also lighthearted, but gullible which tends to get on Otama nerves. He believes in the possibility of coexistence with man and monster, and wants to see a world where they can live together peacefully. He also always follow good path that his mother wish but sometime he make a wrong direction in order to save his own from trouble he make.


Mai Utami
more commonly known as Mae, is the heroine of the game.

Lord Zukan, also known as The Divine Light God or the God that Created the World, is the manifestation of light(created by god) who later becomes a religious figure, serving as the god of all humanity. He is depicted as an angelic being and appears to Lexar in his dreams quite regularly to guide him in his quest.


Karen Karbungkle
The whimsical Carbuncle and master of Ruby style magic. She has a carefree personality but is vastly unknown to her other ally and Lexar.


Karin Iririkiha
A Kirin lancer and master of the Cursed Spear style, proficient in all four elements with her main one being fire. Her spearplay is unmatched and she desires strong opponents to rival her.


Otama Tomone
The playful Kitsune and master of song magic. She is very loyal to the Monster Lords, and frequently tutors them and sometimes others but most frequent is Lexar since he is a bit of air-head.


Rirurira Kereberos
The stoic Cerberus and a master of Diamond magic. She despises humans due to them polluting nature and thus making them uninhabitable to her brethren, she has three head and every head has different personality which mean she will argue with herself often expect she split herself.


Other Character:(Don't open until you clear the game else you will spoil the party)


Four Spirits and Spirit Lord's

A brave woman, A calm woman, A shy young woman, A slender graceful young woman. They all are known as Gift of Elements.


  • Sylph: A spirit with an active personality that is the spirit of wind. This personality results her getting comically beat up by the other spirits. (Expect Maxwilis and Maxijen)
  • Gnome: An extremely quiet and shy girl that is the spirit of earth. Due to her being untalkactive, her personality is mysterious.
  • Undine: A slime creature that is the spirit of water. She has a gentle and calm personality but initially despised humans for polluting waters and making them uninhabitable to slimes and animals.
  • Salamander: The prideful and wild spirit of fire. She acknowledges those who can defeat her and even mentored Karin and Lexar
  • Maxwilis: She known as Lord of Four Spirits. Her personality is like mother to four spirits.
  • Maxijen: She known as cruel Spirits Lords. Her personality close to salamander but she more cruel.
  • Maxpatuha: She not very known but she also Spirit's Lords. Her personality is unknown.
  • Maxweep: The most evil of all spirits. She loves to make a mess with people in order to gain more power.
  • Maxmilia: The Original Spirit Lord's (She will appear in game if Lexar manage to get all Maxsimus Spirits)


Humans are one of the many main races of the game, the others being the monsters and the Nehili's or fake Angel's. Falsely led by Zukan, the humans try to exterminate the monsters, who in turn try to eat humans. Their faith in their god is more strict in the east and more lenient in the west.

Monsters are one of many main races of the game, the others being the humans and the Angel's, and are the initial antagonists in the game. They appear as hybrids of a human and other non-human species, mutated by the dark genes of the Alifeze Shatana Fuila Kutoallah, the manifestation of darkness created by God. Monsters are defined as creatures with a dangerous and try to eat human, with their usual diet as blood. Monsters also have an incredibly longer lifespan than humans; for example, Arumuera is stated to be over a thousand years old. Monsters usually have a leader, but all monsters are ruled over by the Monster Lord, who exerts power to maintain order of the entire monster race, however, monsters occasionally tend to do their own thing, twist the commands of their lord into their own ideals, or even spike rebellion against the Monster Lord.(Monster Divide into Origin Monsters and Lesser Monsters)


Origin Monsters was a monster mutated by the dark genes of Alif while Lesser Monsters was created by 6 Legendary Monsters.

Angel's are one of the many main races of the game, the others being the humans and monsters, and are actually the true antagonists. They are a race of divine creatures led by Lord Zukan, the manifestation of light.

Sketsa are one of the created race of the game, they were created trough ancient brush used by H.Stein to make army to help Lord Zukan conquer the world, in order to make them they need an infinity energy of 2 different element's and a dead object.






Perang Cemen Devil Boy Quest


-Director and Programmer-
Ikhsan Robby Fazriansyah

-Artist and Designer-
Ikhsan Robby Fazriansyah


~Special Thanks~

Rengoku Teien
O Life Japan
Zero Matter
Wingless Seraph
Ontama M

Yanfly, Yanfly Engine
Black Mage

Notes on Gameplay:


-You don't start with any money. Interact with objects like chests
and pots for some loot. Talking to Mai at the Magic Shop Magic Shop in
Tsugi City is highly recommended, as she will give players a decent
amount of pocket change!

-Some skills cannot be used unless a certain weapon is equipped!

-The color, or shape, of a chest sometimes gives a hint as to it's contents.

square wooden box curative item

large red box equipment (Stuff you can equip)

blue box locked (only a certain character can open it)

iron box money (Use this wisely)

gold box key item (Be sure to not miss them)

green box Cursed Berry (You will get stronger if you ate this)

small red box skill book, or scroll (You will learn new skill!)

wooden chest Chest of Hope (maybe?)







~Live a cinematic story driven adventure.
~Cute heroes with unique skills and techniques.
~Fuse your heart and mind to preform fusion skills.
~Battle over 333 fully animated enemies.
~Create your own battle style by use correct formation.
~Forge unique weapons, armors, and items.
~Immerse yourself with an amazing fantasy styled soundtrack.
~Relive the glory days of JRPG.

~Discover secrets, collectables to gather, secret bosses to fight and find the famous Nana Farea private room and dungeon.
~Play with advanced interactions and visual effects.

~Over 500 areas to explore.
~Explore this group of characters, and learn how their lives have been affected by the past, their friends, and their own actions.
~Spend time with your allies to keep them in good mood.
~Contains colorful and lively custom graphics, detailed sprites, creepy-cute monsters, and anime-styled cut-scene art.
~Fun active turn-based combat made amusing.
~Dynamically engaging sprite-based scenes.
~Lots Mini Game like slot machine, black jack and fishing.
~Estimated play time of 30-50 hours.
~And more to come!

Download Last Demo

Download Full Game (Game Still in progress)




Some Guide: (If you never heard Rpg Maker Games before)
-Basic Controls
Arrow Keys: Move around.
Hold Shift Key: Dash (When you move)
Esc/Num 0/X Key: Cancel/Menu
Space/Enter/Z Key: OK

Alt + Enter: Switches between window mode and full-screen mode.
Alt + F4: Forcibly exits the game.


At early of the game, don't make zukan angry or he will send you to your grave.


If you have trouble with the game just leave comment or PM me.

Perang Cemen.


Linked page...(See it from different perspective)




Edited by Perang Cemen
Do I have a reason to edit this?

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Deer... I mean hi there!

I just found my old resource from old Devil Boy Quest, still... I don't get them all since hard-drive used to store my old game was corrupted by some evil creature(virus,worm, or something like that) inside it and make me lost half of my data, at first I thought I lost them all so I was plan to make this again on ace and make new thing but as I check it I manage to collect some crucial resource, so In the end I re use them for this project, for example that animated cursor in demo ver 0.0.7.


ah well since I re sure that resource again I need to make this one as Commercial project, if no, someone from past will come and haunt me.

since this is become Com project I can only make the Latest Demo for 15% of the game, that mean the next demo would be the latest, okay until that time see ya, and have fun!


(If you have some suggestion or something, PM me or leave comment, I really appreciate that thanks for your time for read this.)

And here, you can compare it yourself...


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It's not like I want to bump or something, I just want to tell you I have done the Final demo and put it there, the first demo was downloaded over 500.000 and the second demo was downloaded over 900.000, I'm truly sorry to say this again if you one of those 900.000 or 500.000, you can't use your save data and must play from start because there heavy edit on game play and system, and if you found bug or something please, I'm beggie leave comment or pm me about it.

there some bug that I don't have time to check like typo or untranslated words, wrong translation etc.

you know why? because I have lot different job, looking for actor voice, working as security and surveillance, putting new experiment into practice...

But I never get raise for it.

So! I'm not gona deal with this demo! error? Bugs? not my job! your problem not mine!

that's why I didn't check it again if there error or bugs in this final demo...

feel free to worte review or give good suggestion.

and if you meet with it(Bugs, error, etc) leave me PM, thanks for your time to read this.


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Deer! (Hi there!)Finally the real demo has out... and this demo is demo before release of the full game...

which mean.... yup... this is last demo...

Save file from previous demo can't be used else you want error in future...

but... save data from this demo can be used for full game... so you don't have to worry...

to play from the beginning again...

if you have played it be sure to let me know what on your mind...

by leave comment or review or anything you like... if you ever find bugs...

you can also tell me trough my contact method located in my signature...

Thank you for read this...

~Perang Cemen (The Best (Self Proclaimed)Game Developer Ever)

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Deer! (hi there, if you don't get it)

Just want to tell that the demo is mine are updated again because some of my fans complain about

untranslated part when Lexar do battle with Cecila, it's was not in map and in battle which mean I totally forgot...

anyway if you ever find bugs again or anything...

just leave comment or you can also tell me trough my contact method located in my signature...

Thank you for read this...

~Perang Cemen (The Best (Self Proclaimed)Game Developer Ever)

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Deer!(Hi there!) sorry for late.

I forget to tell you that you have to use Normal Mode, if you use Demo mode you can't use your save file to be used in full game.

(I just fix the option and add more mode check the demo out the file size raise from 112MB to 114MB)

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The project almost complete! just need to be translated and done...

oh well I'll put the detail soon in blog, my hand not hurt anymore but I need to make a some screenshot, anyway the demo is no longer has debug stuff, naturally it used for tester, oh right! the demo just updated the size getting bigger sorry about that I add new super powerful character, and save file from past demo will crash the game, so you may need to start a new but fear not it will be super fast if you can ask this new character to join you.


~Perang Cemen

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*The Demo updated! (This is probably last demo before final release!)
The game already finished but due to so many Review include Complain, word of praise, suggestion to improve the game, etc.
I decide to do some updates before final release and that will take a while, probably end of this year, I hope.

*Lot's Bugs already fixed! (Don't ask what I have fixed because I forget after I fix it)
If you still found some bug let me know.

*What's new? (Here ya go...)
This update is based on those who send me suggestion to improve the game.

-Better Translation
Not sure, I haven't check em.

-Usable Magic Scrolls
An Item can be used in battle to casting magic attack like Fireball, Waterball, Tornado, or buff magic like Power Up, Shell, Magic Up, etc.

-Balance Character Stat
Make other character expect the main hero and optional character a bit stronger and durable.
An Optional Character like Dauna and Goldark isn't balanced, which mean their stat are always high or they're the strongest in the game.

Rearrange type of Physical/Magical, their Sp/Mp cost, Cooldown, Limiteduse, and Type of skills, you may notice Rose now has Magic Command for her spellblade attack such as Riot Blade, Lexar Black Blade is also changed to Magic command and so on.

-I Forget the rest...

Anyway thanks for read it.
~Perang Cemen

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