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Vehicle Interiors With Events

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I think someone else might have posted about this earlier, but I'm not sure if their way was the same as mine.

After an error with a script, I tried using events to create a transfer between driving a vehicle and an interior. With some help from other members, I was able to create a way to do it.

In-Game Screencaps:






How It Works:


This is the event to place in your world map (or any other map where the vehicle is used). The "Play BGM" commands make sure that the correct BGM plays while the vehicle is driven, otherwise, when you switch from the interior, the regular BGM for just walking around without the vehicle will play. Also, for those who don't know, the "A" button means the shift key. The "change player followers" command will be explained later.

The variables record the player's location on the map so that the vehicle will go back to the same location when the players switch to the exterior.



Next, you will need a map with passable tiles where your characters will exit the vehicle. For mine, I used a different field/world tileset than my usual with passable water tiles. It has to be different because boats and ships cannot move on tiles marked "passable," but that doesn't matter for this map because the characters are only leaving or boarding the vehicle.

This is the map:



You will need an event like this in that map so the player characters may board or disembark the vehicle. After leaving the vehicle, the characters are transported to the interior. I have for switching back to the exterior player followers set to "OFF" because in my game, three or more party members visible while doing this would cause my ship to disappear. This is why in the first event followers are set back to "ON."



Here's the event to switch back to the exterior. It's pretty straightforward, but make sure you transfer your player right next to and facing your vehicle, or the player will transfer back to the initial map without the vehicle, and for boats and ships this will make them stuck.




I hope this is helpful to some people! If there's anything anyone needs clarified, please say so here.

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