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Pixel Character Maker - Unique Generator

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Hi everyone, i want to introduce to you the software that i am developing.

It's a tool that allow you to create your own character and his/her portraits for your project.

It has a very simple user interface that anyone can get used to it in no time and very powerful at the same time.

Let us take an overview about this software




Require no designing knowledge, you can pick varies character's parts & equipments to make an

unique character right away.





Character size is 48x48 with 4 animations with 3 frames for each (3x4) but you can change frame rate as well as spritesheet size

however you want (this require modifying of resources)

Default resources are designed follow RPG Maker style, it will work perfect with this engine and any engines out there as well.



Modifying/ Editing:

There are two ways you can import your artwork are: Advance Import / Smart Import
Smart Import require only single image to work (ex: Hair, Armor, Accessory ... )
Advance Import however allow you to import Strip Image for more complex animation


For editing artwork, you will need 3rd-party software for editing image, there are many of free image editor
such as Paint, Paint.NET or GIMP that you can try.

Blending Color:

Though i recommend you to change items' colors with 3rd-party software for best result, there is a simple blend function available that allow user to blend items' colors in Pixel Character Maker.





Character's Portraits:

You can generate portraits for character with 16 different facial expression, you can even Rotate/ Crop/ Move layers and Import your own Artwork (Smart Import is available here also)





Here is a review video of Pixel Character Maker software:




You can help Pixel Character Maker gain more functions & resources as well coming on Steam sooner

by Support the project on KICKSTARTER. Here is the link for more detail:




Terms of Use:

All artworks provided by Pixel Character Maker come with the right to use them royalty free for personal or commercial projects.



You are not allowed to:

- Sell any of Pixel Character Maker's contents (or a modified version of Pixel Character Maker's content).

- Distribute or Re-publish Pixel Character Maker's contents.

- Acquire the copyright of Pixel Character Maker's contents.



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