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Howdy Everyone its me kirbyStarSword I am looking for Coder that is freely to help with our project.

i'll give credit to coder for volunteering to the project, thank you and have a nice day.

(Reason: It's the Battle system,(aka. action commands). which is timed hits i know galv timed hit and TSBS script

it's good, but Galv's scripts does it not have the early or late timing its too perfect input. 

and for TSBS it takes longer to make other sprite and it dosent show how to input timed hits, maybe i wasn't looking or i did.

and the hiring for Coder. i rather the feel like coder

more than hiring it too much to waste. but I still give High credit to the coder anyway).


Needed help with:


-Action command (which like i said Timed hits)Defend/Attack/Skill

 Most of the information will be in game in Development topic don't want to put to much information to the recruitment 


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