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Visual Equip -Different Sprite sizes

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I hope I placed this in the right section.  I was thinking about using the Victor's Visual Equip for my game, but realized before I downloaded it that I'm working with different sprite sizes.  I'm using the sprites from Looseleaf in the Game Character Hub for humans and elves, and the sprites for VX Ace for halflings.  I had to custom make my own sprite for dwarfs because I did not like the one in the Game Character Hub. I eventually intend to custom create sprite sheets for cat, dog, and bird folk and a playable Minotaur race.  Will Visual Equip recognize that I have different sprite sizes if I upload the sheets necessary that correlate to those appropriate sizes or is it for a one size sprite only?  I was curious because I saw in all of the photos that its just the sprites for VXAce. 

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