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rules Submitting Resources - Rules and Guidelines

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Submitting Resources - Rules and Guidelines


When submitting resources, keep in mind Global Rules, unless overwritten by following:

1. No Ripped Resources

Just to make it clear, do not post stolen resources. You may get into troubles for doing so.

Everything you post needs to be done with permission, unless they're your own resources.


2. Terms of Use *required

Please specify the terms of use of your resources.

Commercial or non-commercial use only? Do you allow editing and reposting? Specify that.

3. Credits

If somebody helped you with creating resources, please mention them by giving them credits.


4. Edits and Recolors

You are allowed to post edits and recolors only if the terms of use and/or author of original creation allow you to do so.

Keep this rule in mind, when wanting to edit paid resources, as most likely it's not allowed to edit and/or re-post those.


5. Tags

Tags aren't required, though keep in mind, that adding proper tags will make your thread easier to find. It's up to you.



:excl: Breaking rules may get your thread removed. You may also be punished accordingly.

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