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Wasz Stary

Display other map / part of map in the corner

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Hi, and apologies if this has been raised at some point - I honestly wasn't able to find anything either here or on Google.


I was wondering if it's possible to create a customization that would allow:

  • displaying part of another map in the corner of the window (unlikely)
  • displaying other part of the same map in the corner of the window
  • toggling the display on/off
  • toggling the enlargement/maximization on/off


What I wish to achieve is an ability to play the game with a small additional window that continuously displays what is happening somewhere else - as if there was a camera fixed somewhere that the player could glimpse in at any point.


Attached is a very simple example.


Thanks in advance!




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What you're looking for is a minimap.

There are a few scripts for this. Look for RPG Maker VX Ace minimap

For MV, Echo607 also make a video on how you could do it with eventing.

Probably could be duplicated for ace, but it only covers for the world map. Unless you make it for every map in your game.

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