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error Skill formula syntax error

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!b.addState(15) b.isStateAffected(15) ? 999999 : 0


I'm using that formula, The isStateAffected part is the that doesn't work, I don't know whats wrong with it

Its supposed be a death magic.

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On 20/09/2017 at 4:43 PM, Daniel Campos said:

Yo marcusB care to share how you solved it? Thanks in advance!


Technically I didn't solve it, I had to settle for a way I didn't want to use but this is the formula 

((b.addState(16), b.isStateAffected(15)) ? 999999 : 0) 


I assume you wanted to do the same thing I wanted to do right? have some enemies have a percentage resistance to the state it adds? Yes thats what I wanted to do but turns out adding a state using the formula adds it fixed, meaning regardless of if they are resistant to it it will still add the state making it just a skill that does alot of damage.


I can share what I had to settle for to have a death magic,


Make a new element in the terms tab called death or whatever you want

Make a skill called death or whatever you want

Set skill type to HP damage then the skill element to your death element

Make the skill formula 999999 

In the enemy's effect tab make the element rate for your death element 0% or 100%, 0 meaning they will not take any damage and 100 meaning they will take damage


Please note the way the skill is it is either the enemy will always die from the skill or they will never take damage from it, so I made it so only low tier weak enemies and specific strong ones will be affected by it



I've tried four different ways to make enemies have some resistance to the death but it all failed, I'm still awaiting some answers regarding a death skill I'll PM you if I get a answer or figure it out

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