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Dragon quest I - the remake (vx ACE)

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I do remember well the first time I Heard the name Dragon quest. It was in a videogame magazine I saw in the street and, because when I was 9 I was a little Jrpgs fan, I asked my parents if they could buy it. They bought it at christmas and I must say that that decision was a great one, such great that, as you see, I still remember it.

Now, at the age of 17, I've played almost every Dragon quest game to date (except XI), and one day I thought: "Why don't I remake the first Dragon quest game in rpgmaker?"; I began, with that simple premise, to embark myself on a journey of almost 2 years.

Was it difficult? Sure it was, but the reward is great. By just having this little remake, I feel like I did a great tribute to the origin of one of my favorites franchises, Dragon quest. This is just an ode to the beginning of everything, to the beginning of Dragon quest.



Long before the game begins, a man named Erdrick returned peace from the hands of evil. The peace came in the form of the sacred Ball of light. The hero returned to the King with the Ball of Light and there were great festivals and celebrations. Eventually, Erdrick took his leave and was never seen again. Years passed and the people prospered, but one person was not happy with the way things were. He lived in the western mountain cave, far from Tantegel's walls. While exploring deep within the cave, he came across a sleeping dragon. Suddenly, the dragon awoke and the man was very frightened. As he closed his eyes to stop himself from seeing his demise, nothing happened. The man grew tired of waiting and threw a stick to distract it. To his surprise, the dragon picked it up in his mouth and brought it back to the man, like a dog. After that he discovered he could make the dragon do whatever he wanted. He then named himself the Dragonlord. Suddenly, a disaster occurred: Charlock Castle rose from its dirt grave, and everyone knew this was a bad omen. A few minutes later a swarm of monsters attacked Tantegel and the villages across Alefgard. Though they fought bravely, the years of peace had made the people weak. The Ball of Light and Lady Lora were stolen by the Dragonlord himself.

After this terrible attack the people were terrified to walk outside again. Many men were killed traveling between places and people locked their doors at night. At night, they could hear the Slimes scratching and mumbling along the walls of Tantegel. The King fell into a deep depression over his kidnapped daughter, even though the legends told of a descendant of Erdrick coming to restore peace. The King believed it to be a myth until one day a scrawny-looking young man appeared at the King's feet and asked permission to retrieve the Ball of Light and Lady Lora. Since many other hapless warriors had volunteered and failed, the King had already given up hope. But he sees a light in this young man's eyes and knew he was the descendant of Erdrick. Giving him a few items and some gold, the King sends the warrior out.



  • Hero: A descendant of the legendary hero Erdrick. He arrives from an unknown location to help the land of Alefgard


  • Erdrick: He rescued Alefgard years earlier. He has left a message for his descendant, in the cave which bears his name. (In the North American localization, he is known as Erdrick, with similar changes to locations and items: Erdrick's Cave, Erdrick's Sword, and so on.)


  • Lorik: The King of Tantegel, and ruler of Alefgard.


  • Lady Lora: Daughter of King Lorik. Imprisoned in the Swamps caves, south of Kol, by the servants of the Dragonlord.


  • Dragonlord: The villain of the story, he has stolen the ball of light in order to lock Alefgard in perpetual darkness.














-World map view!

-Faceset for the hero!

-Music from others Dragon quest games and jrpg titles!

-Graphics from other Dragon quest titles!

-Original nes translation!







Z= Accept

X= Cancel/open menu

Shift (not allowed in world map)= run

A (in world map)= world map view

Q (in world map)= World music change 

W (in world map)= Bestiary






Nelderson, Ekras, Sojabird, Yanfly, Gexrox, Woratana, Fridgecrisis,
StorymasterQ, Synthesize, Ty, Diedrupo, Night5h4d3.GEXROX, Vlue L. Maynara, Jet10985, Woratana, Moghunter, IXFURU, João Neto and Khas.


Dragon's Den


-MUSIC COMPOSERS: koichi sujiyama, windir, Yasunori mitsuda and Nobuo utematsu.




Download (you need Vx ACE's RTP in order to play= RTP)


-How to install

1) Decompress the rar

2) Go to the game folder

3) click on the game (the exe with the slime icon)


Hope you like it! ^^


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Game is completed, not in progress

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I was disappointed by this remake because of some mistakes you made.


1. Damage/HP Scaling: You clearly didn't even bother setting up the damage & HP scaling to match the original game. This is inexcusable due to the fact that RPG Maker VX Ace lets you set the damage formulas to fully control this aspect, so its not like you couldn't. A simple visit to GameFAQs and/or Dragon's Den would have gotten you all the info you would need to set the damage & HP scaling to match that of Dragon Warrior I's.


2. Darkness in Caves redundancy: You failed at recreating the darkness effect in caves. When I went into Erdrick's Cave, I didn't even need a torch because if I turn all the lights out in my room, I can see the darkened path perfectly. You should of used a lighting script that literally makes the rest of the screen PITCH BLACK (to the point where it would be physically impossible to see underneath the darkening effect) & sets a visibility range just around the character with no torch, then have the lighting radius extended to about 1-1.5 tiles with a torch
& about 5-6 tiles with the Radiant spell. In fact, Galv's Visibility Range script is perfect for this.


3. I smell . . . FF4?: I couldn't help but notice that the world map theme is a remix of the Alefgard theme but also transitions into the FF4 world map theme for some reason. Top that off with the fact that you have the entire overworld & underworld of FF4 done (but not fully playable, yet alone accessible) in a Dragon Warrior/Quest game. Seriously WTF?


4. The World Map pic: While having a in-game world map to look at is nice, but why in the hell are there lines & stuff pointing out key locations when you really can't even read the text next to those lines anyway? It doesn't look professional having that stuff showing on the map.


In the end, I only played up til Erdrick's Cave before I just 'couldn't take it anymore'. The one good thing about playing this is that it's inspired me to get my ass into gear & do a remake myself, preferably with MV. I had a remake in the works for VX Ace but I can't seem to find that project anymore. Oh well, time to start again. Anyway, if you make improvements to the things I mentioned this could pan out to be a good remake. Don't give up! DQ1 is a great game to do a remake of to build some RPG Making experience (I haven't even produced a game yet despite all the time I spent with RPG Maker).

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