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Wow it's been an long time hasn't it? To keep this short I've been away because I have been working on my game's "canon" story, which is around 33,000 words so far. So yeah, been an while. X3 I actually had to bite my lip to post this, since I'm rebooting my game's beta I want to add 2 things to it that I can't really do on my own.


First thing is probably the hardest. A staircase that spirals downwards, spinning as you descend it. Basically I wanted something like this.


However I know doing that in VX Ace might be nearly impossible, if so what would be the best second thing? An staircase that just has you walking downward on an flat surface is just blah. The second thing I wanted to do is, well simply put footsteps. You know, the sound of walking over grass, water, snow. I have spent about an hour looking into this so I know it'll need an script.


However I can not for the life of me find the bloody sounds. XD I saw an couple scripts, OK just one but it said in the tut video (the type of tut where there's music over the entire tut parts) that you need an sound of just an single step, not multiple. So I'm also asking if anybody knows where I could find the sound effects for when you walk over different surfaces, and an script that'll make it easy. If not just the sound effects would be fine.


Thanks in advance! ^^ P.S What would be best for an dream landscapes? Just asking.

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My first thought for the spiraling staircase was background images that changed when walking. Not entirely sure how to make it happen but when moving right the character doesn't move but the image would change, or maybe a really long map and moving right or left would change the image rotation until you got to the top.Might have to make a lot of images or reuse many.

For the step sounds there are scripts for it.


you will have to find sounds if you want to use different ones. But this will allow you to use regions to change the sounds.

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Hmm, what exactly do you want from that staircase? That video raised more questions :lol:

Anyways, I'm sure what you're asking for is entirely possible with RM (you know it can render in 3D right?). Even if its not (...which it will be), something to consider would be a transition screen, where you show something akin to that linked video and then the player is at the the other side of the staircase; a little disruptive but it worked for Tomba 2s loading screens ;)


Also you can find a footsteps sounds tutorial that's evented here:

While looking for that I came across three scripts that do the same but I can't testify to their quality.

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6 hours ago, Tarq said:

Hmm, what exactly do you want from that staircase?



Well it's for the intro scene, that's an dream. It's probably the only time I'll use it. I wanted to use it to add to the surrealness of the dream. And give an eerie feel to the player. I probably won't be able to do 3D tho...attempted blender once, every folder showed as empty for unknown reasons.

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