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Battle from a Custom Scene

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Hi and hello, its been a while since i was arround and im sorry if im posting in the wrong section!
Well i wonder if its possible to start a battle from another scene then scene_map.
when i try to do that i have no battle background and after the battle is finished the game is crashing.

Script 'BattleManager' line 77: NoMethodError occured.
undefined method `replay' for nil:NilClass

Now my question is, is it a flaw from the scene i use (a worldmap script) or is vx ace not able to do that?
And if not is there a way to change that?

If not my idea was to create a map where a event checks a specific variable and then start the battle i want with a branch and after the battle is done calls again my worldmap scene.
But it would be much better if i just could call the battle_scene directly from the worldmap scene and get there back after each battle.

Sorry for the bad grammar and big thx in advance! :)

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Perhaps a way around this is to use a common event to process the event/scene. When in the world map and you want to start a battle, have the player go to a map that you specify for battles only, then process the battle (assuming these are programmed and not random) when finished go back to world map.

If the battles are random, then I don't know

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