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Hi New here

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I never introductions this website


I basically like to draw, make game and make Music (Still a beginners) when I can,

be using rpg maker for 9 year I most the story and idea based on personal experience and underrated stuff

right now i using rpg mkaer VX all pre idea in that system do have ACE VX and MV but don't have right scripts yet




My first language is Spanish mostly speak English and write English, bad at it writing Spanish and spelling in Spanish,

I have stuttering commentary not by my language 'What I have'


please don't ask "what is your first languages'  i get that lot other website.
please don't write in spanish i can't read spanish even i was born different

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On 29.09.2017 at 1:02 AM, lonequeso said:

Got it. No Español para ti. :P


My first language is nonsense, and I'm fluent in sarcasm. :D




20 hours ago, Rikifive said:

Hello there!


Having multiple interests, huh? That's like me! ^_^ Good luck with your works!


Welcome to the herd! :) 

thank will post the game

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