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FaceSets & Bust Ups! (Taking Vague Requests)

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color.png (( esp not this one as it will be used in my current game. ))

Scene example: fiery.png

So first here is some examples of my art: (( Do NOT use these, these are my personal characters ))

I am willing to make some VAGUE (( as in Soldier, Maid, Innkeep, Civilian, Dark Hero, Male Villain, Femme Male, Attractive Soldier, Old man, Old Woman, 
you can even add some traits like: With a hat, with a mustache or ex: A cool looking/ sexy male mage. Gender neutral soldier. Cyberpunk child. Necromancer God.
((I specialize in humans and elves, I am better at humanoids than furries or dragonborns ect but will still draw them. You can even say "muscular dragonborn"

I won't name the characters, because this is for you guys free of use. I might use them in some of mine too, as side characters ect. ))

(( these won't be finished in a few days. My facesets might be finished sooner. I will include different emotions for the facesets, and if it is on a higher demand, ((like 4 people ask for emotive bust ups, then I will make the bust ups emotive too.))

[I read the rules carefully to make sure I posted this in the right place, so i really hope I didn't mess up.]

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Ooh, these look really nice. I have to say that the bar scene is my favorite one. Too bad I don't have any characters that fit the description of what you are willing to draw, but I do like what I see!

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Well you can make VAGUE suggestions, any vague suggestions

What I mean is I won't take reference photos or draw from a picture. I am creating characters for the community for multiple people to use, not just one project. It also keeps me from having to stare at a reference while I'm trying to draw.

I'm not doing commissions right now, but drawing from a reference or an already created character would definitely be a commision type thing!

I'm trying to make [Multi-Use] characters :D doesn't have to be those exact descriptions. just Examples. Like

Male bartender, female bartender

female child

that scene probably took me about a whole week of working on nothing but it after work, so I'm mainly offering the facesets and bust ups/and different emotions for the facesets and possibly different emotions for the bust ups.

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Nice work you have :3

I, myself, specialize in dragons, birds, fire, and others of the sorts. If I need anything, I'll keep ya in mind.

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I was wondering if I could make a request? If so, could you could try creating a sheep girl. Design wise, she'd be pretty much the same as an elf, just with sheep's ears (and perhaps those cute swirly cinnamon bun looking horns that some sheep have). 


I hope this isn't too specific of a request.

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