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Zen Blood

What Have You Gotten Done Today?

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23 minutes ago, PhoenixSoul said:

Mostly just figuring out what works and what doesn't.

Found a new game I hadn't heard of, that I like playing. If you like racing games, I suggest getting Initial D: Mountain Vengeance.

How fun! :o I might try that out myself if it's free.


8 minutes ago, Tarq'o'Lantern said:

I'll be in work for the next eight and a half hours.

Then the usual routine of exercise, reading and guitar practice.

The last couple of hours will be exploring Pandora's Moon in Borderlands :3

You have exercise in your routine? I'm jealous. I find it really hard to be diligent enough to exercise continuously.

Borderlands looks pretty cool.

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Yeah, I hate exercising. That's probably why I feel better about getting it out of the way rather than doing the things I enjoy more, paradoxical as it sounds.

Borderlands is a pretty good series, the first game in particular was great for its time. I'm playing the Pre-Sequel now which definitely deserves all the negative criticism it received but is still an enjoyable enough romp through space

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That doesn't sound like a bad way of doing it, honestly. I should try doing it at the beginning of the day.


I may try the first one at some point. I'm 8 years late on it though. I suppose this is why I like indie games: I can afford them when they're released. :P

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@PhoenixSoul I've posted on a voice acting forum. I guess the voice actors alliance was hacked or something. It's just that most English speaking roles are rarely filled by punjabis on those forums. But I imagine a nice british accent reading the book :)

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