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Abstract: Macabre, Profound, Stylized
Genre: (Pixel) Horror Adventure
Specs: Windows 7+, 35MB free disk space
Rating: M 17+ (Violent References, Blood and Gore)


Game Progression: 98%
Recruitment: Currently looking for beta testers! If you're interested, please read this blog post.
Demo: [No Demo Currently Available]


One dreary day, a girl and her family are going to visit her uncle in his new house. Somewhere along the way, the directions mislead them to a house far away from town. In the front yard is a "for sale" sign. This could be the right place, couldn't it? Maybe he hasn't taken the sign away yet. They knock on the door. Nothing. They enter the house. Something changes, they're not where they just were, they're now outside of a worn, cobblestone mansion.

Unbeknownst to the child, she and her family have stumbled into a parallel dimension where human flesh is a commodity and all the citizens are raving mad.



Character profiles are intentionally vague. More profiles will be added.



Main Character (The Missing Piece)
A quiet child—Too quiet for someone her age. Her only form of communicating is through gestures and her pink stuffed bunny "Nipsy". 


Nevire (The Lonely Baron)
Nevire is the cunning, deranged man that lives in the woods far away from town. He can actually be quite charming, but the citizens of Dimension V laugh at how deceptive his looks are to the naive, even with his sallow skin and deep wrinkles. But not even they, the citizens, are entirely aware of what he is capable of...


Peoria (The Cracked Cook)
Peoria is known for being Nevire's cook, but she isn't quite like the other citizens of Dimension V. She is a disarray of hopelessness and hunger, one that can't live side-by-side with anyone in the world... She's always covered in blood, she smells like rot, and a scar with bitter origins covers her right eye.


Check out Peoria's introduction video!



Alexander and Emilie - The Realtors

Posing as realtors, these strange cousins usher people to from our dimension through Fleshports and into the lunch bags for the hungry citizens of Dimension V. They work in a tall, white, windowless building stationed at the end of the street Burger Blam sits on. They have no qualms about human experimentation, and Emilie is quite interested in the human mind. Alexander is more cut-and-dry with their job and prefers to just get it done, but sometimes he's swayed into Emilie's way of doing things.



(concept and design)
(artwork and animation)
(music and sound effects)
(script resources)
Shaz, Melosx, Traverse, Khas, Galv, Yanfly, TheoAllen, DiamondandPlatinum3, and Victor


All of these screenshots need to be updated!











❧ Various locations to explore
❧ Puzzles
❧ Chase sequences where the player can hide, trip over objects, and misdirect their stalker
❧ Intricate lore about the characters and the world of Fleshport
❧ 100% original images
❧ 100% original audio
❧ Easter eggs and references


Shaz, Melosx, Traverse, Khas, Galv, Yanfly, TheoAllen, DiamondandPlatinum3, and Victor, for providing the community with wonderful scripts.
All the helpful and supportive users in the RPGMaker forums.
My fans, who have supported me from the start of this project.
My family and friends, who are supporting me through this long, intimidating project.
The people who created the games I love.


Known Issues: [In Beta]








A Light Snack


Peoria emilie_and_alexander__fleshport__by_zenblood-dc0dg8j.png






fleshport_by_monipue-dbv4w9j.png peoria_by_mayavivids-dbthaoh.png missing_piece_by_ghostly_autaum-dc28jv3.png flesh_port___nevire___by_mayavivids-dbv913d.jpg

flesh_port_protagonist_sketch_for_clay_figure_by_thetale_of_rabiah-dbwcijb.png Fleshport by Jazzie3000 Fleshport by Alt-Cobalt


See more!




Here is a link to the Zentient Games discord server. We have nearly 100 people. It's comfortably busy.


Thank you for reading! :wub:


Edited by Zen Blood
Updating a few tidbits of information.

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Update: I remade the pixel banners! I think they look a little more neat now. I also added an "Extras" section, which showcases concept art, fan art, and has a link that accesses my discord group.

Upcoming Events: About two to three months from now I'll be looking for play testers. :)


Feel free to give me feedback on this page! I want it to look snazzy and interesting, but organized.

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A new character profile ("The Realtors") has been added!

Peoria's concept art has been remade. Please check it out under Extras > Concept Art.

There's also an introduction video for her.

Another fan art has been added under Extras > Fan Art.

I'm still deciding what other screenshots I can include that won't spoil much.


Upcoming Events: We're still on track to have the game in beta testing by mid-to-late March!

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