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Abstract: You woke up in a strange place, now you have to escape from there
Genre: Survival, Horror, non-RPG
Game Length: Less than 1 hour.

The story is set in a place called Site 0019, which is owned by a shady organization called Cromwell's Institute. Nobody knows what is Site 0019 and how could you ended up in such shady place. A security breach combined with power failure crippled the Site. It is your only chance to escape from such place, but it won't be a walk in the park; dangerous Samples are on the loose, and the security backups will come anytime soon...

Can you escape from Site 0019?








Video :






Featuring :

* Unique samples to avoid. No combat, just avoid

* Horror environment


Credits :



Link to the IGMC 2017 submission


Note :

We have updated the windowskin. The one in the video and screenshots are outdated

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